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What have you lost??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PhilC, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. On Sunday I had the most expensive cup of coffee ever. I started out on Sunday morning to ride down to Breakfast Torque, since I knew it would be a warm day I didn't bother with the jacket lining and only had summer weight leather gloves on.

    Of course the morning was not quite so warm, and after about 45 minutes, whilst not frozen I was cooler that I wanted to be. No drama, I stopped at Greenacre Caltex & Maccas for a cup of coffee. Warming the hands and the insides I rode on much happier and more comfortable. It was only when I got to Loftus and started to stroll around the field that I noticed something wrong, my wedding ring was not where it normally would live.

    I can only surmise that when I stopped for coffee my slightly numb fingers didn't feel the ring come off with the glove, and since I still had my helmet on at the time I didn't hear anything drop.

    Well, the trip back from Loftus to the servo to search was a quick one, but alas no luck. I stopped in there a little later, but nothing had been handed in. :(

    What have you lost whilst out riding?
  2. Sense of decency.
  3. My License, and some friends.
  4. My decency and respect towards the road rules of the land.
  5. Lost: gear changing linkage rod. Rode from healsville to a ringwood wrecker stuck in 3rd gear.

    I hope your missus accepts the reason for losing the wedding ring....
    This will come back to haunt your for eternity.
  6. HAHA yeah they seem to go missing for me too :grin:
  7. I lost 10 demerit points in the last 3 months :LOL:
  8. Ive lost numerous mirrors from lane splitting too close :(
  9. paint off my mirrors... demerit points... chain joiner link and half a sprocket cover... disc locker recently on the MR... oakley glasses lens, landed inches from the gutter, by the time i pulled over to a safe spot and returned, a truck folded it in half...
  10. My virginity
  11. my chicken strips
  12. My key, while at a scenic lookout, took about an hour to find, nearly did my head in.
  13. The feeling in my @rse for days after picking my first bike up (GPX with fkn rockhard seat) and riding it home from Melbourne.
  14. My new JASJAM PDA Phone - $1300 worth. Hadnt zipped my pocket up. Heard a kind of "tinkling" sound like glass breaking but didnt relate it to anything until I got home and realised I was "out of pocket" badly...

  15. Ouch.

    When we went snowboarding at The Remarkables in NZ we stopped to take in the scenery on the drive up. When I drove off I saw something black fling up as I accelerated. I thought "that was a big rock". A few minutes later I noticed my sunnies were missing. Oops forgot them on the roof. It's not fun doing a U-turn on a high, narrow, icey gravel road with no barriers. Sunnies weren't damaged though :)
  16. I lost my mind man, chillin' out on my chopped out scoot!

    From the roof of a car I almost lost a rather expensive snare drum (ie from a drumkit) - no chance of me not hearing that hit the ground and roll down the road! Thankfully the semi-trailor stopped in time and it was only very slightly bent (character!).
  17. now there's some fine alpine driving roads.. they only lost 2 this year.. i always leave my helmet on servo counters and then stroll back in cool as ever and try to crack some joke that will never cover the fact that im a gumby.
  18. Sweaty gym shorts
    Ipod Nano
    FujiFilm S5000 DSLR (bob59 can confirm, he had to dodge it, it bounced and almost copped him on the head)
    My right leg below the knee.
  19. More money and time than I care to think too much about..
  20. Fuel. It happens on an ongoing basis. Think there's a leak in the tank.