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What have you dropped from bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. So yesterday I had a special case of the specials.

    I purchased a cheapo mobile phone mount off ebay (you already know this story isn't going to end well). It was a 2 piece thing with a bracket and a slot in cradle. I was listening to music off my phone as I rode along Richmond Rd at about 80kmh. Then I feel a tug on my ears. Music stops. I look down to see the cradle had jumped off the bracket with my phone attached. The thought went through my head as I pulled over, is it even worth stopping? I'm running late and my phone has no chance. There was also a huge truck coming behind me.

    Well I was wrong. I get off my bike to see the phone less than 20 m away. It must have jumped along the road a fair bit as there was no way I stopped that quickly. I'm not really sure how it didn't get hit by the truck as it was right in the wheel track. There was a line of cars heading straight for it too which I had to frantically wave my arms at to not hit it. And the phone was working perfectly. Good job Samsung.

    In the process of panic stop to pick up my phone I also must have dropped my second cradle out of my pocket which I was supposed to deliver to another netrider after I got two instead of one off ebay. It was still in an envelope with my name and address on it, so there's a chance that it may find its way back to me. But I don't think anyone wants it now given the quality of the other one and I really hope it got hit by that truck.

    So that brings me to my third drop of the day. As I was gearing up at uni I saw my keys still in my topbox and thought I should put them in my pocket. Of course I forgot. And after an hour ride across most of Sydney as I degeared I realised that I couldn't find my keys anywhere. I quickly realised what had happened. Now I've done the same thing before and that time the keys traveled over an hour and 80km to still be in place in my topbox at the end of my journey. So I didn't hold much hope in finding them. And the car key is over $100 to replace and the strata security is $60, plus they were all original keys. Of course I just made 1 call to campus security. And thankfully for speed bumps and trying to get the front wheel up on empty roads leaving the uni late at night, the keys got picked up and handed to security.

    So tl;dr I'm an absolutely lucky imbecile. I had never lost anything while riding, yet I managed to drop 3 things yesterday. So what have you dropped off your bike? Did it survive? Did it get returned to you?
  2. About 24 years ago, I dropped an envelope containing a referees report.....while I was on my way to a job interview. That sucked.
  3. When I was young riding back to work from the bakery in my lunch break, I dropped a cornish pasty. I didn't feel the need to go back for it.
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  4. Almost dropped the right muffler and did lose the rear peg somewhere along the Darling Causeway. Mounting bolt vibrated loose. Used Locktite or Nylok nuts ever since.
  5. I'm glad then that you are lazy enough not to get to the post office :)

    I was heading off on holidays and stopped at a town in eastern Vic for brekky (coke and a smoke). Usually tear off out of town afterwards, but this time just cruised. Good move! A car caught up to me and let me know my wallet had fallen out and that it was back at the bakery. Had about $2k holiday cash inside (didn't believe in credit cards back then). I had left the wallet sitting on my gearsack :banghead:
  6. Not yet, but funny you should mention el chepao e-bay phone mounts... Just ordered one yesterday... crap.
  7. Dropped my laptop after a bungy cord let go. It did not survive, although the hard drive was OK, I'm still using the hdd a year later.
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    Stopped off in a country town for lunch, rode off after paying and did a long loop and then stopped off on the way back for a drink.
    Oh, there's a credit card on the ground. Oh, it's got my name on it...:oops:
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  9. Just me x4.. embarrassing to say the least.
  10. Last week I spent nearly two hours wandering around a single block of Bulimba at night looking for the keys I inadvertently tipped out of my helmet. These keys included: garage remote, bike key and work security access token. Luckily someone found them and handed them in at the cafe I had been at. If I hadn't gotten them back it would have meant calling the real estate in the morning to get into the house where my spare key is and then writing a report about losing the token.
  11. Expletives...
    many many expletives...
    and quite imaginative ones at times I'm happy to say :joyful:
  12. Just last week - brand new iPhone 5.

    Went for a night ride through McCarrs and out to West Head (sunset before the gates closed).

    Stopped at the top gate at McCarrs/Akuna for a smoko before heading home. Jumped back on the bike and had just pulled away doing around 30kmh and felt something hit my right boot and my rear tyre wobble a tad. Looked down, tank bad top open. No phone.

    Walked back gingerly to find my phone completely smashed on the front. The cover protected everything else, chassis was fine. Also completely operable.

    Took it to Apple and they gave me a brand new phone for the cost of the screen. The guy who served me was a rider so all was sweet.
  13. I work as an Editor for an Oscar winning Director whom lives in Sydney. I've got footage and interviews of himself, as well as 'top secret' footage of his multi-million dollar film.

    All in my laptop.

    That i used in my final year of uni (last year.)

    I'm NDA'd up to my neck.

    I strapped the laptop bag to my ventura rack as i always do. After class one wednesday night, going over the Anzac Bridge, i check my mirror to see the laptop bag has disappeared. Straps nowhere to be seen. Can't turn around on the bridge so i fly through Annandale and Glebe, back to UTS to retrace my steps and see if my bag is lying on the road somewhere.

    Nowhere in sight.

    I go to the rear of the bike and i find the laptop strap had caught itself onto the rack, and the bag next to the tyre. In my haste i had dragged it along the road all through 2 Sydney suburbs.

    It's bottom was rung out, but laptop was still there, as well my job!
  14. It appears stopping for a smoke was contributary to a few of these mishaps.Give it up !
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  15. a $5 note trying to put it back in my pocket during a maccas drive-thru.

    The wind blew it away so I didn't bother trying to save it. I then saw someone get out their car behind me and chase after it. what people will do for $5.
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  16. A glove once fell out of my Helmet when carrying it into the Servo. Found it next to the pump.
    Yesterday my shopping list fell out of my Jacket pocket. I dropped some shopping kind of because I forgot something.
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  17. Also my RH bar end mirror...
  18. Six months ago headed north to Pie in Sky, to then get some footage dropping down off the ridge to the bridge on my youbeaut Replay hd camera. But some idiot had not tightened the mount enough. They are pretty tough so hopefully it did'nt land in the bushes, someone found it and is enjoying it on their bike.
  19. Lost the pillion seat. Glad I didn't have a passenger, would be annoying to look for both :)
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