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What has become of the Engineers of today

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ibast, May 27, 2011.

  1. We employed a grad a few years ago and he's a good Engineer. The problem is he's never read Hitchhikers. It had me absolutely gobsmacked and I nearly sacked him on the spot. The fact he's been otherwise brilliant was his only saving grace.

    The other day in an Engineering meeting the phrase "There can be only one" was said. Only two Engineers in about 20 got the reference.

    A subsequent audit revealed that our latest grad has not only not read Hitchhikers, but has never seen Highlander, never seen Bladerunner and FFS had never seen the Matrix. I wasn't even game to ask if he'd seen Starwars.

    How do these freaks even get into Engineering let alone graduate?
  2. Saw this yesterday...

    A wife asks her husband, an engineer, "Could you please go shopping
    for me and buy one carton of milk, and if they have eggs, get 6."

    A short time later the husband comes back with 6 cartons of milk.

    The wife asks him, "Why the hell did you buy 6 cartons of milk?"

    He replied, "They had eggs."
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  4. I used to run a Wile E Coyote theme on my computer but the IT guys eventually broke me

  5. Was that the acme of screensavers then?

    You should have told them it was an engineering reference...

  6. Wile E.'s definitely my engineering idol. :)
  7. He's even got a pub named after him in the engineering capital of the universe (Bristol UK)** :)


    ** It is Wallace & Grommit's home town - as well as Brunel's.
  8. I lol'd!!

    I'm part of the graduate engineer recruitment team at work and have been doing interviews for at least 10years. In the last 5 or so years the cocky cup-overflowing "know it all" ratio has gone up... it's disheartening. That's my beef with young engineers, and I see a few of them here on NR.

    Ibast, the engineers of today have different references. LOTR's, Battlestar galactica, VCE, HECS, dual degrees and others.

    The references for engineers before our era were the goon show, war of the worlds, slide rules, ties, etc etc etc.

    Don't despair. Each era has it's own cultural defining touchstones.
  9. Rob, I feel your pain. I'm no engineer, but my workmates and I have the pleasure of trying to make work, plenty of their bad decisions. Something I noticed is that the younger guys don't "feel" engineering like some of the older guys around the place do.

    The young guy put's in a gusset because after three previous attempts that fail, the text book says it will make his piece of shit strong.

    The old guy had the gusset sitting on the bench before he even knew what the design brief was.

    We had a screw that was stripping. Day one we said just use this other coarser (slightly) threaded screw.

    After 12 months of changing the plastic, changing the temperature, changing the depth of the hole, changing the shape of the hole, they give in.

    Now we use the coarser screw.
  10. this is another cultural refence then?
  11. Great engineer, Grommit.
  12. I always prefer a tighter one.
  13. ... don't they all!!... :bolt:
  14. Optimist - glass half full

    pessimist - glass half empty

    engineer - glass twice the size that it is needed to be
  15. That's what he said!
    I lol'd.
  16. I take it you made it to the end of week 1, semester 1, of 1st year uni? :p
  17. What a bunch of propeller heads!!!!

  18. Yes, yes, yes - that's all good, but how can you be classed as educated, as literate even, if you've never seen the Fish Slapping Dance? Or can't hold up your end of the Parrot Sketch? What kind of engineer would you be if you didn't know that being the same weight as a duck means it's a fair cop?

    I guess I can forgive the < 25s for not immediately recognising Eccles or Blue Bottle, but in fairness, I can go way outside my vintage and quote (What's the fat kid's name on Southpark?) "You will respect my authorit-eye!"
  19. LOL - yeah! Says the teacher, the man who's signature is a quote from Star Trek. :cheeky: