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what happpens when you get a buell and a starwars fan...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. :shock:

    "...Am I the only one that notices the eerie similarity?..."


    "...I settled on a concept "Imperial Stormtrooper Streetfigher" SLapped a XB12S tail on my bike and lots of rebel kill stickers..."


    "...Decal set from a stormtrooper helmet and put them on my HJC AC 12..."




  2. Shit, you'd want to be able to ride fast...

    ...To get away frm all the people who want to wedgie you and steal your lunch money...
  3. This is sooo GEEEKKYYY

    We are not worthy.
  4. :roll: OK, what ever floats your boat.

    But look @ this way, you WILL be popular @ a Star Wars convention :LOL:
  5. so much white. i would throw poo at you. i like it though it's pretty funny. you are being funny aren't you. as in you're not seriously going to do that all the time are you?
  6. I can't wait to see the guns. :LOL: .... and the big ugly worm thing ...
  7. OMG..... can you PUUUUUUUUUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAZE get a sidecart that looks like R2 D2 and make ur pillion ride in cp30 stuff
  8. Hell I wanna see him all decked out, & out on the road. The novelity factour alone is priceless :LOL:
  9. [img:800:570:ee0cce896b]http://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/images/threads/000/179/803/2736902-r6stormtrooper_2_small.jpg[/img:ee0cce896b]

    how 'bout on a bike such as this:



  10. oh Damn that looks great from a starwars geek point of view... I love it... incidently i passed up a copy of the original starwars on lazerdisc... i fell so ashamed that i admited that... :oops:
  11. This proves my theory, bikers are all closet geeks!

    White R1 does look nice but

    And that my friends goes for me too, nanoo nanoo
  12. That is either way too nerdy, or way superkewl. :p

  13. nah, get a Princess Leia in her robes worn on Jabbas skiff ! :grin:
  14. yeah im a bit divided on it too :shock:
  15. That thing is hotness! I want it!!!!!!

    Perfect 2-wheeled transport to compliment this bad boy: