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What happens when you try to lane split driving a HSV :D

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. If thats where I think it is........ My mate knows the moron who did it...... He is (or should I say WAS) a mechanic... and has been banned from workign for any car sales or repair place for the rest of his life!!!!! :p :LOL:
  2. old news, boogieman the idjit in the HSV was a 19yo not a mech
  3. From What I'm told he was a 19yo Aprentice Mechanic there.... but the story can always be blown out of proportion..... It was the holden place on Grimshaw street in Greensbrough/bundoora form memory....
  4. I got that email about a week ago.

    It was watson holden in bundoora...

    I've got a few pics (of the HSV and the other cars that were damaged beyond belief) in the email I received if anyone wants to see them....
  5. Got this one a while ago from my ex who works for a car dealer. I passed them on to a motor head friend who came back with some more details.

    Apparently the driver was a mid-20's woman who was witnessed driving like a fool for a fair way before the crash.

    The car's her own and so will the others be after the insurance co get through with her.
  6. I received that e-mail too about a week ago (16/2/5 to be precise). Seems to have made the rounds quite quickly!! The mail body:

    Came with 8 photos of that scene. If anyone wants pm me and I can send (as with Chubz by the sound of it)
  7. I heard it was a 19yo who was test driving a new Common-door and was told by the salesman after 5 minutes to return to the yard as the test drive was over.

    Upon his return he did that, and ripped through a handful of other vehicles.

    Again, that's the story I got
  8. Yeah the mate of mine does parts deleiveries to there every so often and got told by one of the guys who worked there it was an apprentice..... well a former apprentice now :p
  9. best I have atm with this is....
    it happened on Feb 12, the driver was a 23yo male
    who "borrowed" his parents HSV and was
    hooning up the road outside Watson Holden
    and he took fright 'coz he thought he was being tailed
    by an unmarked policecar
    he accelerated,
    the rest can be seen on the links previously posted
  10. I think LIke all major calamities you wil only truly know if you did it yaself :p
  11. As a mature aged responsible rider/driver, when I see photos like these my first reaction is:
    "Just once, I'd like to be able to cause damage like this" :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Sorry about that lapse in responsibility. The devil made me do it. :D
  12. I heard the driver of the car was Elvis. He was driving along singing All Shook Up to himself. He was wiggling his hips and accidently slammed down hard on the accelerator. As he rounded a corner a tad fast, the front right wheel of the car went over a banana skin someone had dropped. Just near the gutter some kids had created a BMX ramp. Unfortunately for Elvis, the car hit the ramp, took off, and landed as seen in the picture.

    I figure that seeing there's a few versions of what's happened, I would come up with another variant. 8) :D
  13. I heard it was Michael Jackson's chimp driving. He lost concentration and swerved off the road after MJ (note: not emjaye :LOL:) was knibbling on it's ear.
  14. lucky he had NO kids in the car........ :shock:
  15. I heard the mechanic wasnt 19 he was older and rode a VFR , and because there bikes are allways of the road , wanted to take the car home instead of catching public transport :LOL:
  16. No, it was Across rider unused to all that performance :D