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What happens when it rains at a riding course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mofo2007, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Heya peoples
    Im doing my riding course this weekend.
    I just checked the weather forecast and its sunny on Saturday and raining on Sunday.
    Do they still go ahead with it if its raining on Sunday?
    If not, what happens?

    Thanks guys
  2. dunno... probably. it's not like when it rains and you're licenced you stop, park the bike and wait for it to stop raining.
  3. I believe they go ahead unless its really severe weather. It was raining on the first day of my course. They gave me a raincoat, and out we went.
  4. The ones I have been to specially noted that they continue even if raining. Fun for me when doing all the training in nice dry sunny condition that turned to rain just for the test part. Makes that emergency stop test a little more interesting.
  5. Hmm I guess I better bring something thats sorta waterproof just incase.
    Even if its light rain, i just dont want to be drenched before I step back into the car driving back home.
  6. It was pouring down just before I did my L's test. Fortunately it had just stopped when my group went out. They gave us some yellow rainproof gear and we did the test on a wet track.

    There was another Netrider (Pokiou) in the other group and they were out in the rain with no rainproof gear on. I would say they got drenched but that's an understatement.

    I didn't think it was any more difficult. Just don't corner or brake agressively and you should be ok. Good luck. :)

    Oh and if you're going for your L's make sure you read the VICTORIAN RIDER book properly.
  7. Mofo, I wouldn't bother reading the book seeing as you are in NSW.
  8. Unless its an advanced course then they will go on with it. I know where i got my QRIDE done it was torrential rainfall and we still did it, but they cancelled the advanced cornering class because of the excess danger.
  9. Hope all goes well this weekend.
    Im in Sydney btw.
    Hoping its not gonna rain :?
  10. Then you learn to ride in the rain. It's better for you anyway, don't worry about it.
  11. rain, hail or shine.

    dont worry about the weather. Our Saturday was hot hot hot and sunday was rain rain rain and it was great, learnt the two extremes (as much as i could on the course) and am thankful for it.

    Plus, its fun either way, you all get wet together!
  12. They will continue on, unless it is absolutely pissing down.

    I think the guys at HART in Tullamarine mentioned they have stopped ONCE, ever due to weather.
  13. Yep, same as above, I did both days of my 2 day Learner course in pouring rain, and it was great.

    They issue wet weather over-pants and a raincoat (I recommend wearing shoes you don't mind getting soggy though, and bring a change of socks + shoes too).

    Learning to ride, emergency stop, etc, in the wet will make you a more confident rider, because when it rains in the Real World, you won't suddenly panic - afterall, you learned to ride in bucketting rain. :)
  14. It absolutely pissed down for my course. The walkway which we used to go between the office and the course was flooded. It pissed so much that when the instructor was moving a scooter, he had to go through a particularly deep puddle and ended up toppling over in a fit of laughs (never understood his logic).

    I felt sorry for the people doing their P's that day, I hope it doesn't rain like that for my P's when i go next month. I don't really want the weather to contend with as well as following the instructions. :cry:
  15. Had to do both days of my test in pouring rain. Doesnt really make a difference at 20km...
  16. Depending on the depth of water :LOL: ...it'll go on. Blazing hot and humid the Saturday, with showers on the Sunday for mine.
  17. happened at min in tas... just grit your teeth and get on with it. You will have to ride though worse at some stage!
  18. They will go ahead with the course unless the weather is really really bad and windy. Take a second pair of socks - nothing worse than wet feet.
    I did my Ps in the pouring rain, my boots still hadn't come in yet so I just wore my dri-rider suit and took a second set of shoes and socks.
  19. Thanks for the replies. Ill have to bring some spare shoes or something just to be safe.
    I did my first day today at the riding course and it was pretty fun.
    All the other people seemed to have some background in riding motorbikes already but lucky there was another who was in the same shoes as me
    Stalled it a couple of times but better to do then than on the road lol
    Hoping tomorrow would be just as good
    Just a quick pic of the course

  20. Weather seems to have been alright during the day. So....did ya pass? :eek: