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What happens when bikes get tired?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by screwball, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. I'll tell you what happens.. they lay down, right on my goddamn leg :(

    Ok so basically the story goes..

    Borrowed my old mans Rocket III this arvie to go for a ride down NSW border to drop something off for a mate.

    I come to a set of lights and filter to the front, where the car at the front has left a massive gap, easily enough for another car in front of him. I think "thanks mate!" and zip in there.

    Now, I figure it was the very low speed maneuvering to pull the bike up straight that did it, but basically I lost my balance. Normally this is fine as the Speedmaster is basically half the weight.

    So the bike starts to tilt.. I'm thinking "Oh f**k this is not good".. I shift my weight to try and stand it up again, but that's not happening. Before I know it, the bike has (very slowly) laid down on my leg. I managed to drag my leg out from under the bike. I don't know why but I decided to scream the words "F**K IT!!" at the bike before trying to pick the thing up before the light went green.

    Long story short, I somehow managed through strength borne of frustration and embarassement to pick the bike back up again. Total damage bill? Almost nothing thanks to the fact that it was such low impact. Bent gear shifter, that's it. And a slight scuff to the tail pipe.

    It was a major set of lights and not a single person helped hahaha I think they were all quite happy to see the biker fall over :(

    Anyway, that's my fun story for the night.
  2. yep, when it starts to go down, its going down & the only thing you can do is lay down and break the fall :p

    your lucky there wasnt much damage :)

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  3. Well screwball, I'm suitably impressed! You managed to pick up a Rocket III before the light turned green!

    I think you should get yourself a t-shirt printed :D
  4. Hahah yeah mate thanks, I don't know how I did it! All I kept thinking was "CMOOON THE LIGHT WILL BE GREEN SOON!"
  5. Thats superhuman :D
    I dropped my little vtr 250 out the front of our apartments the other night (had ridden it for ages, it was really tired) and I had it up so quickly it almost didnt happen out of sheer embarresement lol.
    Even that was heavy for me...Can't imagine a rocket
  6. Being a rocket III I'm suprised it didn't crush your leg and the car next to you! And picking the beast up by yourself!?! You may want to swap the leathers for a pair of super stretch jeans!
  7. and a cape
  8. The hulk doesn't need puny cape!
  9. Yeah, did the same thing with the M109. Funny how strong you get when you're feeling like a dumb@$$ for having just dropped your bike for no apparent reason in full view of everyone around. :D
  10. You picked up a Rocket??????? I'm impressed!
  11. Sounds very suspicious when you write it like this! 8-[
  12. I'm equally impressed by the fact that you managed to filter a Rocket III :LOL:.
  13. It just ploughs any pesky vehicles out of the way.
  14. you PICKED UP A ROCKED III!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! holy mother of hell, that's huuuuuuuuge!!!!!!

    i mean, buy a lotto ticket, or at least get a licence for those guns ;) ehehe
  15. Hahah to get to the front I *MAY* have used the left turn lane.. :-w
  16. Theres a cowcatcher on the front to push those pesky four wheelers out of the way..
  17. for those who don't know, this is a rocket III.

    i'm not sure what's more impressive, the fact you filtered or you picked it up quickly.
  18. he didn't filter.

    i don't think there's much in the way of bikes more impressive than picking one of those rockets up. i have one at work and it's fecking huge!
  19. Guy at work went from a BMW GS to a Rocket III not sure if he still takes into dirt though.

    If you fitted the bike with a snow plow blade you could simply flip the cars in front of you out of the way. This should have police approval because it will save kittens by preventing hoon splitting behaviour.
  20. On my ride to Sydney recently, one of the blokes I met had a Rocket III. He was very keen to have a race with me (GSXR1000K5) on the Princes Hwy, claiming he takes out R1's (up until 160m/hr).....
    The 'race' never transpired, but he did very quickly impress us with his stunning departure (wheelies just out of Sydney,northbound) and with his HUGE 2.3Lt Engine, rocking the bike left/right whilst idling in neutral. We honestly all thought it would rock itself off the stand...VERY grunty, powerful, mean-looking bike :)