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Featured What happens to stolen motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jack096, May 5, 2015.

  1. Bikes that are stolen might end up getting flogged to squids like this in developing countries.

    check out this video of some squids blasting around a city in brazil.

  2. Probably rich drug cartel guys
  3. Hmmmm
    time to move to Brazil me thinks
  4. Lots of money in Brazil. It's a very has has not society. These guys probably have a normal jobs or well off parents like most people in Australia that have superbikes.
  5. my parents are dead
  6. Cocaine's a hell of a drug!
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  7. Then entire economic system running this planet relies heavily on debt, on creating something from nothing. Could it be that is how these squids acquire their bikes, just like the squids in Australia do?

    Nah, they're from "developing countries", which is another word for all those countries brown people come from, so they must have been acquired through nefarious means.
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  8. I was purely referring it to entirely in the economic sense of the phrase
  9. I can't see how you can tell they've got a Brazilian? It looks more like a mono to me
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