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What happens to learners + LAMS in Vic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by madgts4, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody,

    In Vic we are about to have LAMS introduced, but there are not much details available about it.

    My question is: What happens to those on their learners who have already purchased a nice 2 stroke RS250 :grin: before the new LAMS laws came in ?. Does it mean they cannot ride the bike at all :cry:, or are they given a grace period :) or exempt :cool: cause it was bought before ?

    I guess this is a question to riders in QLD & NSW. What happened in your states when the laws where introduced ??

    Anyone else have any info on this ?
  2. Like the other states mate.

    If you got your permit before the LAMS system, you can ride a LAMS bike or the RS250 (as you are subject to the current model).

    If you get it after the LAMS system comes in you cannot ride the RS250 or other high powered 250's.

    So your better off getting your L's now.

    I am not sure if they are going to also introduce the mature age rider scheme here.
  3. ???? whats that?
  4. In NSW, if you are over thirty, have held a full licence for more than 5 years (they call it a gold licence) you get exempted from the 250cc rule (once you pass the provisional riders test, which is after your Learners). You still can't carry a pillion for 12 months though.
  5. What he said. As long as you have permit before the new laws come in you should be ok. Although I'd definitely have the bike registered in your name as I think thats part of some of the systems they've done in the past.
  6. has a date for lams in vic been set?
  7. 1st July is the date at this stage

    LAMS will apply across the board - Victoria doesn't have any "Gold Licence" type schemes - in fact other states with the "mature rider/driver" type stuff may re-evaluate them anyway.

    If your permit predates the introduction you should be OK but nothing definite there yet. I also strongly suspect that penalties will be re-evaluated for riding "out of capacity" after LAMS comes in - I would be surprised not to see a loss of points introduced for that one.
  8. anyone reckon itll come to QLD?
  9. Nah, they'll just ban motorcycles altogether up there... :roll:
  10. jebus i bloody hope not!! i only just got on one and its just way too much fun.
  11. Hope they introduce the mature age rider thing here in Vic as well. Will save us from having to buy a 250 or approved bike just for the 12-15 months it takes to go unrestricted anyway.
  12. I think you're undermining a lot of 250's. They're still and will be enough for a lot of people.

    Depends on what you want a bike for I guess.
  13. Says the guy with the 1250cc bike :p

    If I was going to have a bike purely as a commuter.. I'd get a comfortable naked 650cc vtwin. Costs more to insure and run, but the punchy power makes it a freakn hoot.

    But for inner city commuting I'd definitely go 250cc.
  14. Wasn't knocking the 250's as such, more of a financial decision. In my case, i'm not 'as' restricted by budget as most young learners would be, so instead of buying a used VTR250 for 15 mths, i could go straight to the bike I actually want (eg, F6ZN or maybe a Street Triple as examples).

    It would just save the hassle of changing a bike over after 15mths as I would be more likely to keep the first bike for longer if it wasn't a 250.
  15. Thats cool mate and its the whole point behind LAMS.
    Sometimes people new to bikes (no one in particular) need reminding that just because you can go bigger doesnt automatically mean you should.
    There are advantages to a 250's if it does what you want. :wink:
  16. VicRoads last night announced at VMAC that LAMS is on target for July 1st 2008.

    they are looking at what bikes will be listed. The list is more likely to be based on the Tasmanian list than the NSW (more recent and more inclusive)
  17. Any comments in relation to licensing of older drivers/riders? Will they still need to have their restricted license for 12 months?
  18. As I've said several times - there will be no allowances for age etc. etc. In fact I keep hearing rumours that those allowances may be dropped in the states that already have them.

    What will almost certainly happen though is a loss of points (probably 3) for "riding out of capacity".