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VIC What happens to bikes taken under hoon laws?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Coltrane, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. MOD: moved to the proper forum for a state specific legal question like this one.
    Next time this type of question will be removed from circulation if it is placed in general discussion

    Hi All,

    General question here, what happens to the bikes confiscated by the po po under hoon laws?

    With all the articles today about how riding a motorbike is akin to a 3yr old running around the house with a pair of scissors, whilst being chased by his/her older brother weilding a baseball bat, i wondered what would happen to these machines taken after the bikini wearing owner going 143kph gets their bike taken.

    Also, if they sell these bikes on the deserving owner, can those of us in the wider motorcycling community benefit from these sales with cheap motorbikes? (although i imagine most of them have been thrashed, which is why they are there)

    Just a thought... chip in if you can satisfy my curiosity!!

  2. Christine Nixon eats them for breakfast.
  3. Donated to the national zoos so the cheetahs have a way to keep themselves entertained.

  4. the cops get to hoon on them for a week!
  5. I would assume that they'll just take it for a period of time and give it back but if you do it again I think they'll just take it permanently.
  6. Thanks guys. I thought it was strange to see that giraffe on the R1 at the zoo the other day.
  7. And why do you think "monkey bikes" are called "monkey bikes"? :LOL:
  8. hehe in a good mood Tony?
  9. I just assumed monkeys made them, didnt know they rode them!
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  11. In Victoria:

    1st relevant offence: 48 hours
    2nd relevant offence: 3 months
    3rd relevant offence: Permanent (to be sold at auction)
  12. Er, a friend of mine had her vehicle confiscated for 3 months for allegedly drag racing, on top of everything else she got slapped with.
  13. in regards to this, the 3 "strikes" only last 3 years. thus, get a strike first year, a strike 2nd year, nothing for the third, and a strike in your fourth year, the first strike is removed as its over years old, and its only your "second" strike.

    i've been told this from a mate who spoke to vicroads/cops/something like that, so as i havent seen it with my own eyes, i cant say its 100%, but i believe him. anyway, i dont plan on striking out :p
  14. Close Skorpion, each time it is impounded for a period of 48 hours and at court an application is made on the 2nd time to impound up to 3 months and on the 3rd time at court an application is made to take the bike permanently. The bikes are sold at auction and the prices that they are sold for are up to the punters, so not always a cheap buy.
  15. Do they have a list of what is a "hoon-related offence" or is that up to the descression of the police officer at the time

    is speeding a "HRO", if so by how much?

    i reckon this is all on par with "alcohol fueled violecnce" crack downs.... if the media reports more of it, then it seems like it is becoming a bigger problem so the govt gives a knee jerk reaction...is there really more hoons on the roads now then 20 years ago...i doubt it

    we need a good war to keep the media and gov't busy
  16. If there's any more 'Hoon Buzz' in the media than usual, there are plenty of TMUs out there willing to throw their discretion at you for the sake of 'good police work'. Perhaps even get their name in the paper for it :roll:

    I witnessed two of my friends initiate a "HRO" [taking off at the lights as hard as their POS 6cyl cages could, to no more than 15 clicks over the limit] followed by an unmarked V8 screaming past twice as quick after them. For something so mundane, I couldn't believe it worth impoundment, $1000+ fine and 6 months cancellation.

    But then I had a chance to read the cop's statement. It read like the script of a f***** Fast and Furious movie! With them engaged in a 2km race weaving through cars; Him doing 40km/h over the limit whilst my friends accelerated away; plumes of smoke and plenty of innocent motorists narrowly avoiding death.

    If "discretion" is left up to a delusional schizophrenic like this... you're stuffed.
  17. so if one was to overtake a car traveling dangerously on a 110km/h freeway slightly vigarously one could easily be popped by one of the cammo crew doing 145km/h in a "safe"(ish) overtaking and be a "Hoon"

    I would suggest about 75% of all road users who travel in the country regularly would have at least once overtaken at around 145 in the short overtaking space available if not commonly. So if this great percentage of everyday blue collar australians are "hoons" then perhaps its either time to re-evaluate what a "Hoon" is. Or perhaps the Gov't could take all our licences away for our own good.

    I don't condone the cool cool crime of awesome speeding. But thats just not right