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What happens to bike decals during paintjob?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by banditbob, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Sorry if this is an ignorant question but if u wish to change paint colour on you're tank.... are the existing decals painted around, or do they need to be removed?

    If so...how easy are they to find? Especially for the yamaha zeal which aint the most common bike in the world...
  2. AFAIK they're usually removed.

    You can get someone to make it for you, or they usually will have a set if you look it up in ebay or something.....
  3. hmm, i spose it would depend how well they're able to recreate the decals...also anyone know how much it might cost for a tank and tail paint job (rest is naked).

  4. Hmm... I think edgelett may have a good idea: :wink:

  5. What did the dealer say? I know the zeal wasn't common, but it is still relatively recent and fairly well known.
  6. Yeah the decals are usually removed and new ones are replaced afterwards. Still that doesn't make tracking new ones down any easier. :p
  7. I've always thought they remove it then just stick it back under clear coat?
  8. nope off they come the area is finished flat and on they go... thats it unless a clear coat is then applied...
  9. when my tank was painted, the decals were removed as I got the tank rubbed back to the bare metal.

    I now have NOTHING on my tank (apart from paint) and intend to leave it that way.

    I WILL get custom decals made for the belly pan soon.

    PM me if you want details on how much it may cost.