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What happens on the M4 stays on the M4 [nsw]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mserider, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Driving on the M4 --- Two bikers zip past one hayabusa and a ducati

    Cop follows them with the sirens blarring

    trying to keep up with them but i had my l plates showing so couldnt really exceed 80 only to find the cop switch of the sirens and return to 90kmh or so

    so does that really happen ( GIVING UP )

    i thought it was a myth


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  2. I think you'll find its very dependant on the particular cop, time of day, conditions etc. They are "supposed" to stop chasing someone after 3 hard stops, exceeding 150 kph (or something like that), or if the person goes agaisnt the flow of traffic (wrong way up the hwy)... But once again as with most things police, rules dont always get followed... Must have been an exciting thing to see tho! :LOL:
  3. oh yer mate it was awesome the hayabusa was louder then the choppa
  4. wouldnt they see their plates? or can you only be charged if you are stopped and your identity is proved?

    Ive heard about bikers just not stopping for the popo before but wondered how they got away with it :-k
  5. Well, a guy in my Club (SR) who's also a motorcycle journalist, was snapped by a speed camera and was going to lose his license, except his legal respresentation was going to argue: "You've got a very good case against somebody, but who? Prove it was my client!" with of course the fellow not in attendance. Didn't need to get to that as the cops stuffed up their case so it didn't even get to defence. It's some loophole in the law which that no doubt will, but have not yet, sorted (at least here in Vic; know even less about NSW).
  6. So why didn't the cops chase you being 16 and driving?
  7. you can drive at 16 in NSW. only on learners but its still driving. either that or he's not 16.
  8. Apparently he has also ridden large capacity bikes in other posts.
  9. :wink:
  10. we have legislation here in NSW, referred to as 'reverse-onus'
    not being protected by a constitution, you're no longer innocent until proven guilty, and if a vehicle registered to you is involved in an incident you will wear the blame, unless you can prove it was being driven by someone else (statutory-declaration, etc). it's a shitty state of affairs. people get charged for offences committed when they weren't even in the country, but it protects speed-camera revenue. i do have one new potential loophole, but i'm saving it for future use :)

    would have been a cool sight.
    did you say you could barely hear them over the sound of the choppa? pol-air was in attendance? they would have had a lot of difficulty shaking them, and the chase would have been going for like 10-20mins (unless pol-air was already up in the air on a previous incident). if they got away, you certainly won't hear about it in the news. however if police attend the addresses the vehicles are registered to (which they usually do, if they capture the plate, and their dash-mounted cameras usually catch the plates) and they may make an arrest and we WILL definately be reading about the 'two hoons racing on high-powered motorcycles which should be banned' in the news.

  11. Not 100% sure, but I was under the impression you had to nominate a drive, otherwise the name the vehicle is registered in is automatically assumed to be guilt of the offense. After that, it is supposed to be up to the registered owner to nominate the driver.

    mattb, I'm not sure that case would have held up,especially if they have a track record of speeding. And I was not aware police went to court for speed camera's, I though civic compliance did that, but then again, I've not go to court over it.
  12. this is called the "einfeld" defence. everybody was crazy about nominating someone else until:

    marcus einfeld nominated a dead american driver for a $77 fine. a journo picked up on this by doing their job and cost him his title as Queen's Counsel, his Order of Australia honour, his reputation and at least two years in jail. It has cost him everything but his $200,000 annual retired judge's pension

    all pretty silly for a previous federal court judge.

    no one tries to pull an "einfeld" any more
  13. Its the same in Vic. You must nominate a driver or penalties apply.
    And by the way, every state has a Constitution.
  14. Here in Victoria one magistrate was a bit slow to pick up the warning.

  15. wait a minute, i'm picking up something
    this kid can't tell the difference between an R1 and a Suzuki, while looking at his bro's bike collection parked at standstill in the garage,
    yet two bikes roar past him at such speeds a pursuit vehicle gives up, and he somehow knows the blurred shapes are that of a 'Busa and a Ducati?

  16. Yeah, Busa and a Ducati my arse.

    Was probably a Volkswagon Beetle and a Cagiva Mito.
  17. Haha loki :grin: . i think where he said the busa was louder than the chopper he was talking about the duke being the chopper?
  18. The OP is gone due to a stupidity issue, even after being advised to use the search and to post in the correct forums he put his foot in his mouth about his age and his general wannabe ness .
    After making a tool of himself he spat the dummy and asked ME to delete his account he couldn't even get that right.
    ah well you reap what you sow.
  19. I don't recall sowing a whole paddock full of idiot weed :?