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What happens next - you won't guess

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Perfect timing. Unbelievable!

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  2. holy shit... well held, and a L plater too...
  3. Those Go-Pro cams are voodoo magnets!:shock:
  4. lucky he was heading in the direction he was, if he was coming the other way he would have borne the brunt of the main part of the branch
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  5. well held together and a lucky bastid too
  6. Damn. Neve saw that coming!

    Very lucky he was on that side where it was thinner branches, instead of the trunk.
  7. Ouch! I was looking for animals or cars, but had a nice surprise! ha ha
  8. on first viewing I was wondering what he was sooking about. In the replay bit you a pretty big branch hit him.
  9. It impacted so hard it twisted the handle bars down so the mirrors were flush with the tank. Bloody hard impact.
  10. Holy shit!!! He did well to keep it upright, he was very lucky too, looking at the rest of what fell on the road he could have been dead!
  11. I suppose you could say he avoided a sticky situation (boom boom)
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  12. He'd better leaf that road alone next time, it was the root of the problem.
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  13. No ... the rider who copped a branch to the chest was the instructor ...

    and kudos to the learner under instruction who saw what had happened and returned to assist. That is what it is all about ...
  14. The tree respected the fluoro and fell on the instructor?
  15. Late to the party but... shit, that was one mother of a limb that broke off. Well held seeing as the section that hit his bike tore his hand off the bars.