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What happens in a MOST?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Anthony88, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Just like what my heading asks, what happens in a MOST test in NSW? I understand you do the 6 hour pre provisional course first and then you get tested. Does this test involve you going out on the streets and roads, or is it simply restricted to the training area.

  2. A part of it is a road ride yes. The day format is greeting, roadcraft, then practice, then roadcraft, then lunch, then road ride, then practice then test.

    As to the specifications of the test, they're on the rta website if you are to look.

    edit: The road ride section isn't really a test, its mainly just part of what they're teaching you, and making sure you're not just a total idiot (so that section is pass or fail). I've only heard of one person failing the road ride section, and that was a guy who hadn't actually ridden at all since the PreL course, and he nearly crashed because of it. Lawlrus.
  3. Is the roadcraft and practice all about what your gonna be tested on at the end?
  4. Yup, you practice all day exactly what they will test you on in the end.
  5. lol, isn't that a bit stupid? How could anyone fail, unless they were extremely ignorant.
    thanx starlet
  6. The test is stuff like uturn, cone leave, emergency braking, emergency swerve. Have to do it within the lines, within right distance, etc. etc.
  7. You'd be surprised....

    If you can ride at a slow pace and are comfortable being on your bike you should be OK. Do you have your L's yet?
  8. Not yet, and i've only had about 20hrs under my belt on a honda 125 Dream. This was on my holidays in one of those countries where you just ride and drive anywhere without a licence needed. Also the bikes i rode weren't like mopeds where you just start and accelerate (correct me if i'm wrong) but they didn't have a clutch either. They were like manual bikes without the clutch. You just had to change gears like you would a normal bike and release the throttle, but not pull a clutch.
    I'm planning to get my L's early this year and buy a Honda Cbr250rr, I'm 175cm and weigh bout 70kg would this be an ideal bike?
  9. For sporty riding? Yes. Same as fzr, zx2r.

    To be more comfortable and better riding around town, vtr, vt, gs500, zzr, gpx, gsxf250, cb250, etc. But it depends what you want it for/which one takes your interest.
  10. You will be expected to handle your bike at slower than normal speeds to show that you can control the bike using clutch and brake, (cone weave) on my MOST a guy came with his brand new Hyosung and couldnt ride slowly or turn inside the u turn box, he failed. another guy stalled his bike twice in the test, he failed, 2 ladies in our group dropped thier bikes in practice, they passed the test! in the ride section you are followed by the instructor, he will be checking your speed, position in the road, buffering, turning off your indicator before passing the next exit, and how you handle the different conditions that you ride through, my advice to anyone about to do it is to go to the MOST locations out side of normal hours and have a play, i used the uni carpark at UWS Macarthur and did my MOST at Granville.(you cant play at granville its a locked compound)

    Old man.

    Ps: Good luck to those about to test.
  11. And I might add, you will be 'dead meat' if you miss the 'head checks'.
    Get into the habit from now/TODAY.........head check everything, you wanna go for a leak.....head check!.......taking a bite out of your sandwich...head check!
    I can almost guarantee, you miss one on the day..and you're toast. :cry:

  12. :LOL: People will think you're a nut, looking over your shoulder all the time, looking like you're paranoid.

    But yeah, don't forget those headchecks. I even did headchecks when I moved between each segment of the course, even though I don't think I needed to, but you can't be too safe. The course is not so easy on a sportbike as on a trail bike, for example. I used my 250 trail bike, super easy from riding in the bush for about 10 years since I was around 7 years old, getting my L's at 16yrs 9mths, and then P's 17yrs 3mths, now under 6 months from an unrestricted license, though most of the bikes I wanna ride (trail bikes) are learner legal anyway, like my XT550 project, and my dream bike, an XR650R motarded.
  13. A search would turn up many threads on this subject.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. :unsure:
    "Who said that".....(looking around, behind me, over my shoulder)
    I remember our tester making a point of saying to us, dont forget your headchecks, even in the practice area and especially in the test zone, regardless of whether it is in a confined area........once you start the test itself headchecks are a prerequisite for passing or failing....... :?
  15. everyone in our group of five at granville yesterday failed. I stacked it in the emergency stop (it's been pouring rain for days, the ground's heaps slippery, front wheel slid and down I went), the other blokes mostly failed on points. I wouldn't want to do the test in the wet again.
  16. Sh!t! Everyone failed?

    Better luck next time dude :)
  17. yeah, everyone. crazy eh.

    no worries.
  18. are you gonna rebook at granville or try somewhere else?

    only 1 failed in our group of 6

    the storm was comming in the distance but it didnt rain till after the last person passed.

    I asked the guy does the stopping distance change in the wet , he said no its set up for the wet so if its dry its a bonus
  19. I'll probably go back to granville. I like the ride there.

    yeah, it doesn't change in the wet. They gave me the same bullsht about the test being callibrated for the wet.

    Obviously it is harder in the wet, jethro understood that, but there's not much anyone can do about it after the bike goes down.
  20. You wouldn't happen to be the same Old man on the GSTwin board?

    When I did my MOST it was at Campbelltown, and the ride was down Menangle Road to Douglas Park and then back up again. As I knew the road and no one else in my group had ridden it before, we ended up alternating with me leading, or riding TEC and the instructor in the other position.