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What happens if your rev your car to 8500RPM then drop the clutch?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Ripped these off an email... The story goes that just to see what would happen, they apparently revved the car to 8500RPM then dropped the clutch...






    I think that's what you call FUBAR?

  2. Yeah man. I've seen this a little while back. Very impressive destruction.
  3. lol ahhh nothing a bit of Gaffer tape cant fix
  4. Isn't that how you're meant to drive Skylines?
  5. wow. Is that the clutch or the flywheel? Either way it had a fair bit of energy.
  6. Lilley, I beleive in the first pic the left disk is the flywheel, the right is part of the clutch.
    Good to see it was done infront of a crowd.
  7. That clutch plate is completely worn to bare metal, no doubt that flywheel had some serious heat cracks before they dumped it.

    Ive heard stories of drag racers being killed by flywheels letting go and chainsawing there way into the cabin...scary if true.
  8. Killed, I do not know, but the danger is true. Rotary drag racers armor plate the floorpan around the bellhousing to avoid losing your legs if debris shoots through.

    I think that car has just reached the end of a long life of abuse.
  9. I saw some guy in an 80's commodore suffer a similar fate on the public roads.

    It was just in peak hour traffic amongst old dears and mumsies on their way to tennis. It was an auto and he was trying to slowly spin up the back wheels by pressing the accelerator and the brake at the same time. There was an almighty BANG and some metallic clunking noises... bit of smoke and oil... and much laughter from passers by.

    Don't know exactly what failed but f*** it was funny. :p
  10. i used to work with a guy that had a worked 33 gtr, he used to do things like this all the time.... until the gearbox finally popped

    i wonder how often this guy would do it, the clutch would surely hold its own for a while
  11. If it can not be fixed with gaffer tape, it can not be fixed.
  12. My nephew liked to roll the car backwards and then dump the clutch, It twisted the tail shaft off and blew the diff out of the car, He doesnt do that any more, Hahahahahaha
  13. I would have expected the torque converter to take up any difference in revs between the engine and the wheels.

    Also not sure how you spin up the wheels with the brake on.
  14. Who knows what sort of abuse that clutch copped before it finally self destructed.
  15. I'd guess most of the braking forces are directed to the front wheels.
    apply brakes while constantly revving engine, release brake momentarily then reapply, and you are no longer burdened with traction.
    this was my first and last aggressive burnout. of course, i wouldn't do it in my own car. made sure to scrape the tire residue off the rear guards before returning it to the rental centre ;)
  16. this also applies to over-charging hookers ;)
  17. I was able to do a burnout holding the front brake on my manual 180B
    Took a few tries but perfected the clutch/brake/accelerator trick, it also helps if you have rear drum brakes and not rear disks.
  18. That's why dragsters are required to have hefty scattershields around the clutch/flywheel area and, IIRC, fuel and brake lines run through heavy steel pipe at the same point.

    About 20 years ago, a circuit racer died in then UK from injuries sustained when his clutch exploded. The injuries themselves weren't fatal but he died later from an infection in the wound.
  19. Someone please repost the link of the cbr 125 tat stacked whilst doing a wheelie

    Good comparison. 8500rpm clutch dump on bike... 6" long skid then cbr125 rider on his are claiming he ment that LOL

    Seen these car pics many years ago, but seen even better ones of a truck doing the same thing ( not a real truck but an American pickup )
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