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What Happens If Your Exhaust Is Too Loud?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by enforcer, May 30, 2006.

  1. What happens if your exhaust is too loud?

    A slide I had a while ago damaged my exhaust and it finally broke off, just after the riders peg, last weeked.

    My bike was fairly lound at high revs with an exhaust but now without an exhaust it's loud all the time, even while warming it up at idle.

    I'll be putting an exhaust on when I have the time but for now I just want to know what will happen if I ride around with a bike that's too lound? Do I get a fine? If so how much?
  2. it might help if i knew where the F@%$# galactica was - are you leading a rag tag fleet btw?

    why not start looking at EPA and vicroads websites (i assume silly enough to go around pissing people off knowing that it is wrong has to have a bit of snow on the brain)
  3. id imagine a bike without a pipe isnt road worthy...
    and yes, you can be pulled up and fined around $200
  4. In VIC.

    I've already looked.

  5. You're riding a Harley.... :LOL: :LOL:
  6. or your too old :p
  7. or you've had baked beans for lunch... :?
  8. dont know about vic, but in NSW you get defected and fined. so you gotta then pay the fine, and take your bike to the epa for a test before getting the all clear.

    on the other side of it, a long ride will probbly make you feel nausia, or a feeling of motion sickness, and give you a shocking headache. :?
  9. Is there such a thing? :p Unless people behind you are getting compression waves then I reckon its fine. Unfortunately the government doesn't agree. You can cop a fine ($500 if I remember right) and get a canary (unroadworthy vehicle sticker) or the equivalent thereof. Not fun.
  10. .. not to mention that the jetting/fueling of the bike is conditioned upon a level of back-pressure from the exhaust, and you could, note I said COULD, (not will) cause damage to the engine through mucking up the mixture....

    {and your neighbours might re-tune it with a sledge hammer as well, plus you could damage your hearing....:LOL: }
  11. It's interesting that everyone talks about exhaust noise.

    I've seen rotary powered race cars have the biggest mufflers installed in them and still have trouble with the noise police until someone suggested they fit a thicker air cleaner. Turns out the air being sucked in can be almost as noisy as the air being pushed out of the exhaust :shock:
  12. No such thiung as an exhaust that is too loud, no exhaust will however earn you a canary and trip down for a rwc.
  13. I got told this morning by grumpy neibour that my exhaust was too loud :shock:
  14. You can borrow my bike for a week to teach him a lesson :LOL:
    Then he'll be thankful when you get your's back.

    Actually now i think of it my neighbours have never complained about my bike even with the 7am starts :?
  15. I Idle mine for a good five mins at 6am in a quiet street with no complaints... My neigbour rides as well and the old lady across the street with the yappy annoying dogs actualy likes my bike.

    She would be the first to complain as she complains about the weather, people walking down "her" street, the colour of the grass and sky, how sunny it is during the day, how girls today show too much skin, how it was better during the war... :LOL:

    I bet she fought and died in both world wars just to bother me while i'm cleaning my bike on a sunday :p
  16. i had that with a HD i used to own. it had 2 3/4 straight cut shorties.

    my lil lady was on the local bus from the station one day when i went by. teh guy sitting behind her said 'you know that guy, she replied yes. he then said he is my alarm clock every morning. funny thing was i was in north gosford resaonably high up in a pole home and he was in wyoming.
  17. You want loud (and offensive) try a big 2 stroke with expansion chambers.
    I once knew someone in Adelaide who had a Suzuki 750GT (the old waterbottle) who had a very nice set of expansion chambers.

    The crow-eaters here will appreciate the loudness when I say that on a quiet night when he took off from Unley you could hear him all the way up to the Eagle-on-the-Hill (pre freeway days). :shock:

    The only time anyone complained was when he'd just finished tuning it and wheeled it out of sight behind the garage and we started tuning a BMW R75/5...

    Cops came 10 minutes later because someone had complained - listened to the very quiet Beemer and wandered off saying that some people will complain about anything... :LOL: :LOL:

  18. My neighbours haven't complained about mine yet and I've had the Megacycle on mine for a few weeks... my parents on the other hand crack it daily... guess they don't like me waking them up at 5-5:30 every morning :? :LOL:

    I get a lot of looks from Mr Plod for my loud exhaust... I don't think I'd still be on the road if I was riding around without one :eek:
  19. If someone complains while you're on the bike, just rev the motor, cup your hand round your ear and and keep yelling "what?, you'll have to speak up, I can't hear you buddy" they will give up after a few tries and walk away. remember to keep a straight face. :)
  20. If your exhaust is deemed too loud, you run the risk of getting an on-the-spot fine ( approx..$500 ) ...or..
    You could be reported by anybody to the EPA, who will then issue youu with a notice to have a 'compliance test'
    performed on your bike. This only costs $37 to have done, but you will need to spend the money on making your bike quieter first ( or put the stock pipe back on for the test!)..
    Trust me...I know about loud exhausts! :)
    Won't stop me riding my twin though!!