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What happened yesterday ? ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Charmed, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. At approx 21:35 & weighing in at 5lb 6oz, we welcome the birth of 1st grandchild Daemon Joseph.

    Mother, baby & proud father all doing well. As for me, yep I'm doing the proud nana thing. Promise wont bore you all with baby pics. Have someone to pull me into line real quick if I do laught16. (Pics taken with phone)



  2. Congrats! Repopulation is the way to go!
  3. Congratulations and best wishes to the parents too :)
  4. Congrats !!!

    You now have years of wonderful memory-making days.
    Grand kids give so much enjoyment !!
    the best part .. you can hand em back to the parents :p
  5. Thanks guys.

    I'm quite looking forward to hyping the kid up on red cordial & then handing back :LOL:
  6. :shock: :LOL:
    Payback can be a sweet thing ;-)
  7. Grandma at 42 :shock: Yep gotta love those grandparents who sugar up the kids! :evil: :grin:
  8. Congrats Charming one. :)

    Have you got a baby seat for the bike yet??? :grin:
  9. At least in years to come I will still be able to get up & about & do things. Not have them come visit some really old grandparent who really doesnt have a clue who they are in an retirement home.

    :LOL: nahhh just toss in a back pack.

    Thanks once again all .
    All is doing well. Alshya been in hospital for nearly 2 weeks, baby was due on Kyle's 21st Bday ... 24 Aug.
    Induced her early yday morning & things were go very slowly, to the point of the talk started it would all happen today, then as always happens, around 7 it all started to happen, 8pm we got a ph call, by the time we organised ourselfs at home, drove over to Wang hospital we were only there 20 mins tops & we were grandparents.

    More pics this time from Pete's p&s. :LOL: sorry all but @ this point in time just gotta do it, let me get it out of my system :p
    The "Don't call me grandma" pic


    Proud Pa Pete


    and cant forget the new Proud Dad. Kyle (son1)


    and for good measure ... an ohhhhhhhhhhhh so cute shot

    LOL ok think thats enough for now.
  10. Gratz Charmed, :grin:
  11. Thanks once again all.
    All are doing well.
  12. :grin: Congrats :grin:
    I wish you all the best. He is a handsome young man.
  13. Congrats!!! He is sooooo cute. Love the pic of his little feet :)
  14. Thats a great phone you have, mine only does 320 * 240 size pics.
  15. Awwww love the pics!
    Congrats to all with hugs & kisses

  16. I've always found that red cordial and lolly snakes work better. Gets em bouncing and then hand em back!
    Cute kid. Jeez Kyle looks stunned.... wait till it all sinks in...hehhehheheheh.
  17. Wolf, Jadey, Heather :grin: thanks.

    All congrats messages have been passed on, and Kyle & Alshya say Thank you.

    That's the plan :wink: . As for the stunned look :LOL: they weren't even out of the labor ward & the cameras , phones were working overtime.

    Hey you & other half get ur arse over here, pay us a visit :p