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What happened to Netrider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy1600, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Non stop sooking. Every second freakin' post is having a sook about someone, or something, or some group of people. And then we sook at eachother because we dont agree with whatever it was that we were sooking about in the first place. For god sakes everyone take a pill. We've been over the same ground millions of times.

    Non stop sniping. So someone has a different view to you. So someone has more time to spend online. So someone rides a different bike to you. Someone rides for different reasons to you. Get over it! Next time you go to post a nasty comment about someone, actually think about what it is that giving you the shits. Is it really worth what your about to say? Is someone posting "too much", or posting something off topic really that bigger crime? Why is it necessary to be nasty to people? Why do you need to bait people? Its the internet. I know we're all sooo tough when sitting at a keyboard. And I know we can come up with witty retorts when given 2 days to think of one, but we're meant to be here because we all share a common interest. We wax lyrical about belonging to this brotherhood of motorcyclist, yet if you read the venom that flies backward and forward on here you'd think it was the painters and dockers and chopper reid in a prison chat room.

    Who cares if someone doesnt spell something correctly. Not everyone is a top notch scholar. We've all made mistakes. Its really not that bigger deal. If your so bent that you must make fun of someone because they spelt something wrong then perhaps you should just sit that discussion out.

    I say much of this because Ive been an internet jackass before (ok, so many will think I still am :p). I had a problem with someone here due to their seemingly endless posting. But then one day I actually thought about why I had a problem. Realised I was acting like a bloody 12 year old so I got over it.

    I realise the irony of my post. Whinging about people whinging. If you want to focus on that so be it. Maybe its you who needs to have a good hard think about why your on this forum. This forum has degrade to the point where its just a bunch of people coming here to be horrible to someone else. As in every community there is going to be a clash of personalities. You dont go up to people in the street and get in their face, or follow them around picking on stuff to try and get a rise out of them. Stop being a bully and behave like you would normally.

    Im sure theres something ive forgotten, but im pretty angry right now after reading a few more examples of people here at their finest.
  2. beans means heinz.....
  3. I like reading peoples sooky posts.

    Thats why I clicked on this thread. :wink:
  4. Cowboy, lol. Whingeing about whingeing. Classic.

    I'll add one of my favourite no-brain comments I have seen a couple of times...

    "... Here we go again, I though we buried this issue last year..." (currently on the boards)

    Guess what, ballbag, (a) not everybody was here last year (b) do you want us to go through all the thousands of previous posts to make sure nobody has asked that question... :x :p

    Just accept, Cowboy, the internet certainly turns ordinary sane people into complete pork chops :LOL:
  5. Can we lock this thread now?

    (had to be said) :p :p :p
  6. Very good point i think... ive got caught up in arguments that got personal on a few occasions here, usually with one person in particular :wink:

    Only to then think later, why the fcuk am i wasting my time?

    I think maybe its just fun to argue for somethin new... i mean theres only so many bike related topics that can be discussed and they just about all have on numerous occasions.

    In the end what can ya do i spose...
  7. Meh, it's the end of winter. Everyone (well some of us softer one's anyway), is frustrated from not being out on the bike much for a while. Couple of good weekends and we'll all have lot's of great threads about rides and experiences and fun and thrills and stuff :)
  8. It's all due to the fact that the site was abducted by visitors, and given an anal probe. :p
  9. they make me giggle, the way they wiggle...
  10. mmmmmmmmm pork chops.

    OI Wife, can we have that for dinner tomorrow night?

    I hear ya cowboy.

    The nasty stuff is deleted, the funny stuff ( i think most of it is ment to be funny) is left behind.

    Whilst it may look like everyone hates everyone here, I bet that when push came to shove, person A would be out in a flash to help out person B.

    I know I would.
  11. would what? be out to flash person B :shock:

  12. Im just jack of the snide comments and all the personal agendas and quests. I could name names and go highlight all the crap that spews forth, but I wont. All I hope to achieve is to make people think before they post something they know is designed to be nasty, hurtful, rude, obnoxious and perhaps refrain from perpetuating the crap on here.
  13. If it makes you feel any better, we now have a zero tolerance policy for repeat offenders of whinging and personal attacks. Warnings will be be given and banings applied.
  14. Its ashame that that process is needed. And it seems lately that the personal attacks are getting worse and far more frequent.
  15. wheres that netrider doobie gone? AHA! cowboy's been hogging it!! :LOL:

    nar, i get what you saying fella, couldn't agree more BUT the shit just wont stop while we all have differing opinions. best thing to do IMO is to sit back and try to enjoy the crap that goes on. sometimes its fun to watch, sometimes its fun to join in. as long as your enjoying it and not getting cut up over something thats said here (no, no, its never happened to me :oops: )

    one thing that always puts a smile on my face is this:

    "arguing on an internet forum is just like running in the special olympics. win or lose, your still a retard"


    ok, bracing myself for all the politically correct nancy boys that wanna have a shot at me over that one now :twisted:

    Everyone disagrees at time. Who cares? If anyone had a serious problem with you they'd PM or say something at coffee. Otherwise it couldn't be taken as more than good natured stirring or hot air can it? :)