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What happened to Clive Carter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by duncan_bayne, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I rode past today & the store was empty, a 'For Lease' sign up, & the phone number has been disconnected. I was planning to get him to service my Mito prior to my next track day ... :-({|=

    Anyone know what the story is?
  2. Noticed the same thing recently......bout the shop...

    You might catch him at the Island Classic ( he's been seen on a historic sidecar in recent times ) in a few weeks if you can be bothered going down to PI....21-23rd of January.
  3. This Clive Carter??

    Clive Carter.
  4. Yup. I always gravitate towards old racers when looking for a mechanic ... my experience has been that guys who have been there, & done that are just the sort you want working on your pride & joy. And when, as a two-stroke owner, you see a couple of TZ racers in the shop front you know you're on to a winner :)
  5. Probably a victim of the the Peter Stevens conglomerate.
  6. in ftg its the jefrys honda sindicate. used to have yamaha shop BTX suzuki ktm , 1300kawasaki and clive now its just petestevens jeffrys and the grey importers
  7. Clive decided to pack it in after 27 years, he's doing odd work out of his garage now, and both Pauline and him are looking forward to retirement
  8. From another thread, it looks like Bikers Gear from Phillip Island is opening up there in a couple of weeks. Shame, used to pop in there now and again.