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What happened to bikes like the CBR250RRRRRRRR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tailus, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has a guess at why manufacturers seem to no longer make 20krpm 250 screamer mini sports bikes anymore? The way the aftermarket loves them you'd think there'd still be a viable market for new ones.

  2. The licence and registrations laws in Japan which led to thier being very popular were altered, and that was where the overwhelming number of them were made for.

    Change the laws, lose lots of the potential market and they become a less attractive, less profitible niche for the makers.

    Other countries around the world are increasingly looking towards mid sized, but power limited 500's to 650's for learner bikes (like your GS500), so that is taking away some of what's left of the market.

    Not a bad thing IMO, gives more choice to learners.
  3. Tailus your riding one of the reasons the inline-4 four stroke 250's went into decline.
    It's only a matter of time before the LAM's scheme is introduced in all Australian states and territories and the ripoff merchant 250 dealers will be undercut. Thankfully, even if they do manage to stick around there will never be as many ~500-600cc bikes coming from Asia as there are 250cc & 400cc.
  4. Performance cars like the Toyota Supra Twin Turbo are awesome performance cars and popular with the after market as well..but company policies rule and things like the 250RR just disappears...sad
  5. Yeah although the laws here state that there are restrictions for learners and provisional riders Australia's market, in the grand scheme of things, is very small. These restrictions don't apply in other countries. Therefore there would be no real benifit for a company to continue to develope the 250 unless it is inline with their racing program, eg Aprilia. At least that's my thoughts.

    Also THE MAN wants to get you down... "Damn the Man save the Empire." :grin:
  6. lol, all very good points guys. I guess it does make sense. Who would genuinely want to ride a `performance` 250 for any reason than gumbyment leglislation :laughs:
  7. It's also a design thing. there is no reason to design a 250cc 4-cylinder to use in a street bike, other than marketing.

    As mentioned above, there was a strong market in Japan and now there isn't.

    From a design perspective, at 250cc, you can get 99% of the power out of a triple then you could a 4, without the wieght, complexity or manufacturing cost.

    the benefits of going to 4-cylinders don't become significant until larger capacities
  8. Changing trends probably played a big part too. There's still a number of new 250s for sale in Japan but the vast majority are either scooters, motards or naked commuters - clearly that's what the Japanese market wants now.