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what happend???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by traveller, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    Not sure whats happened, i decided to take the bike out for a ride today but noticed i needed fuel so took my can to servo and filled it with unleaded 91 from a caltex servo i always buy my fuel from there. The bike started perfectly before now it wont start and if it does it on full choke and sounds awfull and it has no power what has happened to my cbr rr 250. How can i fix this.
    Any suggestions????
  2. possibly muck in the fuel tank.

    might be no oil left or very dirty? when was it last serviced?

    what is the condition of your spark plugs?
  3. Couple of questions:

    1. When was your last service?

    2. Just to clarify, does the bike start on full choke?

    3. If the bike does start on full choke, has it been able to be taken off choke and put into gear or does it stall?
  4. Hiya
    It was serviced about 6 months ago and hasnt been ridden a great deal but it always starts first time. The plugs are new and clean and the oil looks fine.
    I woldnt have a clue how to empty the fuel tank and the its not on reserve.
    Im cluless what to do
  5. dirty injectors?
    dodgy fuel?
    kinked fuel line?
  6. Full throttle on then off and attempt to start it.
    Smell it and see if you can smell fuel.
    If so then muck that was sitting around the bottom of the fuel tank has probably been sucked through and is maybe mucking up a carbie.
    Try some fuel cleaner additive as it has worked for me in the past with some sludge when I had my 250. It dissolved it enough to pas through the needles then clean fuel from the servo.
  7. old metal fuel jerry?

    often have tonnes of crap and rust in em.

    drain the fuel completley, clean the fuel filter if there is one. drain carbies.

    wheel bike to servo fill it up again and try that.
  8. I doubt he'd know how to remove the fuel filter if he can't manually drain the tank.

    With the lack of info, could be a couple of things though. Buggerred compression (like a valve clearance issue), shitty fuel mucking up the carbs, dead or dying sparkies etc.

    Try this link if you want info on removing the tank, draining the carbs yourself.

  9. Thanks for all the replies, ive checked the plugs there clean, wow thanks for the thread to clean the carbs a bit concerned i might get lost doing all that is it hard??? Ive tried to restart the bike and it wont go im very disapointed. the fuel can was clean and quite new maybe the fuel i got was no good.
    So if i drain the tank what do i do with the old fuel? or what fuel cleaner should i get and how much do you need??
    The bike is trying to start and is full of power but it just wont kick over. it was started on monday and it started straight away as well as started straight away today and then i put the new fuel in and its gone all pear shaped.
    Should i get a mechanic??
    thanks everyone
  10. So it won't actually kick over?

    Easy test, are the headlights and horn working?