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what happend to the drought

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quik blat, May 17, 2007.

  1. after a week of being stuffed around by finance and insurance companies all is in place to pike up the new bike zx6r 636 se. all week i have driven into work incase things were sorted and i could pick it up. all week it has been dry so riding in would have been fine. every thing is right to go and should be picking up this arvo. every time i pick up a new bike it rains!!!
    is there something i forgot to do??? or does someone just not like me?

  2. Yes. Jesus hates you.
  3. that's Murphy for ya!
  4. I suggest for all our sake, that you get a new bike every day for the next few months.

    I for one would like to be able to have a shower this upcoming summer.
  5. And I'm sure I speak for everyone near you that we hope for the same thing - if you're waiting until summer for your shower no doubt you absolutely reek by now. :shock: :eek:hno:
  6. hehehe, wanna cuddle? :p
  7. could just be very serious abpot saving water :LOL:
    i wonder if i could get a govt grant to buy a new bike say once a week?
    i would be happy to share them
  8. It's raining in Melbourne??????????????????????

    Well it's not getting down to Gippy :(
  9. In Feb, I went for a ride around 3 states, and it poured for 4 days, was fine before and after!.

    This week, I gave up the company car, and took the car allowance, and am riding the bike to work.

    So it rains!.
  10. just think of it as a clean slate with all the crap of before washed away ;)