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What happend to RC36Honda?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Havent seen him post for a while, it makes me sad.

    Did one of you get angry and brake his fingers?
    But then he would just make posts with his nose and toes :?:

  2. Happens to us old farts

    If we don't constantly use the pooter, we forget....
    the password
    the UserID
    how to start the bugger
    where it actually lives (even worse for me, I have a wireless connected notebook, could be bloody anywhere)

    He'll find it one day, then watchout as he tries to catchup with Hornet 599 1/2

  3. I'm sure Hornet sabotaged his computer to ensure his status as the highest poster remains unchallenged
  4. I'd go with JDs theory.

    But what if hornet went further than just sabotage?
    Hear about that guy that was a pillion on the back of the motorbike.. but he was really dead?

    Maybe his doing a weekend at burnies type thing, except with motorbikes.

    What a script !!
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You can run but you cant hide!
  6. Or perhaps RC36 is chained to a computer, being forced to post as Hornet in order to drive the post count up even higher? :LOL:
  7. Aw yeah, love the conspiracy theories!!!

    Maybe Hornet wasn't "visiting" Victoria, He was scouting for more potential "OFAP's" (Oldfart Forced Auto-Posters)

    Anyone notice if he was carrying more baggage on his way home?
    Any other Old Farts missing in action?

    GROMIT! OMG He's got GROMIT!!!!!

  8. More than likely lurking and posting as an alias, or hornet an arcey have decided to both use the same login to maximise the post count.
  9. Conspiracy theories abound! (psst, look behind the grassy knoll)

    Phil is very pre-occupied with his son who has been very sick for a long time and has only just been properly diagnosed. He has brought him back here from Melbourne so he can be close to family at this time.

    But, yes, that was me in Melbourne a week or two ago, and no, we have not clubbed together to up the post count. And, no I didn't kidnap Gromit and press-gang him into posting for me. (His posts are always more intelligent than mine anyway; you'd notice straight away!)

    For better or worse (opinions vary) it has always been our aim to contribute information and entertainment to the forum. How well is not for us to judge. I'm still here and enjoying myself immensely. I will pass on to Phil the good wishes of those who have expressed them, thank you.
  10. Please do pass on my Best wishes, he knows I share similar issues, so make sure he knows I'm always available if he needs an ear to bash, any time.

    (ps I enjoy your posts matey, almost as much as I enjoy sh!t-stirring :wink: )
  11. Thanks for the info hornet, glad to see the old fart is still alive. I thought i missed something, but i guess not
  12. That's cruel, but he can't type that quick! (Neither can I!!)
  13. hope all works out with his son .
    i would appreciate oit if you pass on my regards
  14. :oops:

  15. Hi Hornet! :biker:

    tell RC he's missed.
    I hope all goes well.
  16. Messages will be passed on, thanks to you all, you are wonderful people!
  17. Best wishes to RC and the family, hope his son gets well soon.
  18. Paul, please pass on my best wishes as well.

    :D :D
  19. Hopefully you passed on my PM from a week or so ago and if you haven't, why not :p

    Hurry back RC, you are missed by quite a few of us in here.