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What happen if I get pulled over riding on non lam bike on regular police random check

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ivans, May 23, 2012.

  1. Doesnt mean to be silly, might be stupid question, but i am only live in Australia (melbourne) for less than a year. I used to ride motorcycle overseas and have overseas license. I've been riding motorcycle since I was 17 (am 37 now) and driving car about the same age.

    My cousin has a non LAM bike, it is a BMW r1150rt and he let me drive around the block in a quite neighborhood street once in a while. And I believe I ride responsibly and obeying the traffic law with appropriate gears. I do have a full victorian car license (this is funny, they let me convert my overseas car license to a full license without going through L and P) I know completely road rules in Victoria. I dont drink and and I dont speed, infact I hate speeding.

    My question is, if for some reason during random police check, I get pulled over riding my cousin bike, no speeding no nothing, just during random police check. Would they ask for license? If they find out I have an L, what would be the consequences?

    Can I show him my overseas bike license?

  2. perhaps, I need to add that I love my cousin bike so much and I am thinking of buying the same one instead of buying a LAm bike and then sell it in a year for money loss and was thinking of riding the bike seldomly and under the radar. Obeying traffic law. I am no hoon. I just wanna ride a bike that I like and it happens not to be a LAM bike.
  3. Where exactly are you from mate??

    The reason i ask is because the rules are different from country to country, applied to the region where overseas license originates. For some nations, Vic roads will immediately issue you a Victorian license where as. for some you will have to sit for the L's and P's test but you receive a non-restricted full motorbike license. Then there are countries which are not recognized at all (most fall in this category) where, you have to follow the same rules as a new permit applicant. I know as i did an overseas conversion but, took a bit of piss-farting around as there are a lot of ill informed people out there and the fines if you are caught are hefty!!

    So if you have no problem letting us know... where are you from??
  4. $5 on eastern Europe... Croatia or similar?

    I'd just show the international license, just like I did when I was overseas with my Aussie license...
  5. I'll have a fiver on South America.
    +1 to flashing the international license.

    Be aware though: in Victoria, they'll just as likely shoot you for riding out of class...
  6. or for having a license you didn't pay THEM for.
  7. I reckon he comes from Belanglo

    but 5 bux on Russian, Ivan means God is gracious
  8. Facepalm.
    I didn't even look at the name...
  9. Vic pol loves it when they find international licenses, especially when on a bike...they throw the book at you... depending on where you are from and how much your ethnicity reflects by your skin colour add/subtract harassment to that... I know i have been subject to it...

    But on the other hand i personally know 7 people who went and got liter bikes as their first bikes... 1 guy got it on his L's... happily rode out his restrictions on a CBR 1000 :D
  10. Uhh

    Well if you get pulled over randomly (It happens)... they'll most likely ask for your license.. so if i understand your broken english, you have a full car license but not bike? and you're on your L's on the bike?

    if so.. you'll most likely get fined for a few different things.. how long have you been here for? i always thought international licenses could only be used for a few months before you had to change over.. that's what my parents did when we moved here.
    Or you might get let off.

    Its hard to know really each cops different, they probably won't let you ride it home from wherever you get pulled over though.
  11. Thanks guys I am from Malaysia. Not anywhere near Eastern Eu lol. I have overseas bike license NOT international license. I did have an overseas car license but I converted that to vic FULL license and funny thing is that I cant convert my overseas bike license and instead needed to get through the L process. (for the full vic car license, I still needed to do a theory test then driving test and passed them both)
    I've been here for 8 months, I was about to get bike license sooner but the cost of having a bike lesson course to get L frightened me so I didnt do it until a week ago.
  12. Pretty sure you can only present your international license for 6 month from date of arrival.
    If your riding a non lams bike it a fine no points.
    No L displayed is a separate fine and 3 demerit points.
    You'll be looking at more than $500 and 3 points.
  13. Why don't you just buy a LAMS bike instead of worrying about getting ****ed up for breaking the law?
  14. Hard to say mate, you could be reamed, or they might not even notice. If they do notice, they might put it in the too hard basket.

    Last dopey cop I dealt with didn't even noticed the lack of rear blinkers on my bike :)
  15. They always check licence and rego. Often give you a breath test as well. Bigger problem for you might be not having any insurance cover?
  16. Don't forget that Victoria has automatic number plate recognition. If you buy a non-LAMS bike and register in your name, it will be brought to police attention any time it is identified on the road (no matter how well behaved you are).
  17. I tried the old international licence when I was pulled over. The Policeman went back to his car punched in my details and then came back to ask me for my Victorian licence that he knew I had. Luckily I had a full motorbike licence. When this happens to you he will see that you have a car licence and an L permit for a motorbike and so you will be dealt with as riding a motorbike outside of your licence. But this is my understanding and I am usually wrong.

    So if you get pulled over I suggest you start praying. What happens if you are involved in an accident? TAC cover? Bigger problems than not having a licence.
  18. Actually, that would be a direct consequence of not having an appropriate license.