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What GPS app do you use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by backmarker, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Things have changed recently with phone gps apps, and so I reckon a more up-to-date discussion of what people are using (than what I found when I searched) could be useful.

    I used to use an app I bought through i-Tunes for around $30, and thought it was amazing that such a small amount of money could get me a program that did essentially everything that a dedicated gps unit would do for a whole lot more. I used it as a voice guide only - phone in my pocket, listening to music through decent sound isolating earphones to protect my hearing, and the voice dropped in to tell me where to go (ever-so-politely) when required. Great for riding through unfamiliar cities interstate.

    I've now gone Android, and discovered that gps has gone free. I have picked the Here Maps app, by Nokia (I have a Motorola, but the app doesn't care!). It works well, though the one disappointment so far is that it doesn't give street names, just directions of turns. Not a big deal so far, but not perfect.

    So, what are you using, what's good, and what's not so good?
  2. I use a few different apps, Google Play for my music, Google Maps for the directions (it also has a voice guide when required) and Rever for just some bike stats (e.g. avg speed, max speed, distance, time, map).

    Google Play and Google Maps will most likely already be on your phone if your on Android. Rever looks like below image:
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  3. +1 Google maps (y), and for statistics and data I use My Tracks or Here or Ride with GPS
  4. Whatever is the one built into my Samsung Galaxt Note 2: I've never checked its name, I just know it works...
  5. Apple Maps user here.

    The first iteration was utter shite, with totally incorrect directions, maps, POIs etc. I believe Apple developed this themselves

    Current version is quite good since map data is provided by TomTom.
  6. Currently, I use "Here" on a Nokia.

    Before Nokia got tied up with Micro$oft, thei navigation was pretty good.

    Now, it's still pretty fair, but could do with some way of adding in "known" speed cameras and such like.

    I use my phone for navigation both here in Oz and when on holiday in Greece.......... you really don't want the thing to try and tell you street names..... trust me, it can get 'orrible. :-(
  7. Combination of Waze and Tomtom. Waze for general navigation coz it tells me where cops and traffic is, Tomtom when I go somewhere new coz it works heaps better than Waze and has 'avoid motorways' and 'preference winding roads' settings and the lady doesn't sound like a robot.

    (Android, Galaxy S6)
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  8. Still using Sygic (and still love it) but only for short trips now. iPhone just will not charge fast enough to keep up with the battery drain when GPS is used over more than a few hours.
    And the screen is not bright enough.
  9. I've given up on apps, getting a dedicated gps soon.
    Sygic has gone to shit and google is only good for A to B. I need something that can actually plot a route and stick to it.
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  10. +1 for Here maps on Nokia smartphones. Great advantage is you can download mapping for voice navigation for most of the world free of charge and use no roaming/local data when overseas.

    Sadly the program is not helpful with setting waypoints so route planning is a bit basic.
  11. I use google maps on the iPhone, but I'm looking for something more than directions from A to B. Does anyone have any decent route planning apps?
  12. Last GPS I used led me to an industrial site in Brussels :) & all I needed was a through route. When I called local provider up to complain they hung up on me. We've gone totally retro & dig out the old analogue maps in the cupboard or use the Gregories. Sorts your brain out with a little prior homework & you actually know where your going ! Position of the sun works for me as well :)
  13. Navmii - free and don't need to use data once maps are downloaded.

    Search functionality a bit poor when not on wifi / data link so I normally bookmark destination's beforehand.
  14. I use Here maps as well as I recently bought a prepaid Nokia 640 Lumia.....by the way is a great phone for the $140 I paid for it, so much better than my old iphone 4s.
  15. Another vote for Here maps on a Nokia (1020 in my case). Supplemented with Google Maps when I need to search for something, which is okay because it can switch to Here when it's time to navigate.

    Hahaha I know what you mean, you should've heard her when I was driving through Iceland with their 50-character names.
  16. Aye, I can well imagine it. :)

    The other odd bit that I found when in Greece was that because of the transliteration problem, I actually had to be able to point on the map to where I wanted to go.

    Typing in a street name or area name was just too hard.
  17. I think that's a problem with a lot of GPS apps when travelling, CrazyCamCrazyCam - the routine we fell into was to search for all the important locations back at the hotel when we had wifi (and could therefore use Gmaps or google or whatever) and then bookmark them in Here maps for offline use throughout the day.
  18. Thanks, hyperspex........ I know it sounds daft, but I never thought of that.....

    I am, after all, an old fart.
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  19. Apple Maps here, as I'm too lazy to download anything else. I'll have to give Rever a go as it looks like it records the kind of information I'm looking for on a ride (although I'm not sure about the Max Speed recording, as I'm sure that some people don't want others knowing how quickly they've been).
  20. Metroview + iPhone holder + USB socket
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