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what got you into motorbikes???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. just wanted to know how everyone got into motorbikes??

    i bought a motorbike after my parents gave me (foolishly) a leather motorbike jacket to wear out. (u cant have the jacket and no bike)

  2. it's in the jeans.......and nope.......that's not a spelling mistake.......was trying to impress a girl......(way back in the dark ages when I still had hair)
  3. Got on a bike at age 5 at my cousins house...fell in love instantly and haven't looked back since. Once i started driving a car i fell in love with that also and thought id never ride a bike again....but you know it, once i got my road bike licence it felt like i was 5 all over again.
  4. Dad firing up the old 500 single in about 1963. He rode it out the front to sell it. Bastard wouldn't give me a ride. Hooked ever since
  5. I used to stand in my front yard in Riversdale Rd when I was very young and see and hear the bikes go burning up the road. When I think back to it, they must have been straight through pipes becasue they were extremely loud. I used to think; "Yeah that's cool". 8)
    Then my Grade 3 teacher used to ride to school everyday and the die was cast. 8) :D
  6. Getting a ride (very occasionally) on an old BSA Bantum on the pillion seat (well padded plank!) as a primary school student ummm 8 or 9?

    Made me lust after one, wasn't until I was a 12 I had access to a Rotax enginned mini bike that we thrashed within an inch of it's life around a farmlet :)

    Oh and the CT50 that was interchangable when one wasn't running!
  7. Never interested on anything related to motorbike/ scooter before.
    Never sit on one before my learner lesson.
    Just want to get a scooter licence, in case I back to Hong Kong for goods, petrol, rego & parking are 2-3 times more over there, too expensive to own a car, but I hate go on public transport.
    Then after I own a scooter for practice and prepare for my P test, I fall in love on riding, so want to get on motorbike too.
  8. When I was 17 I had a bike to get me too work, I was crazy then, had many drops of the bike.

    Went to Malaysia in January 05 and was riding over there for 2 weeks, got back and bought 2 bikes and got the L's in a week.
  9. Always liked sports bikes as i have cars. Been wanting to get my bike L's since i turned 18 but just didnt have the money to maintain a car as well as a bike. At the end of last year one of the guys at work rocked up on his brand new black gsxr1000 and i was in love. Bit the bullet went and got me L's the next week, now ive just gotta do the time(and learn the skills) so i can ride somethin like that!!
  10. well the thought of cycling without having to pedal was the first thing that got me into it, i love cycling, but couldnt be bothered to pedal........ also just the feeling of air rushing past ya head:D
  11. Watching what I think was probably a Z1 climbing up Bellbird Hill to Kurrajong Heights when I was just a wee tyke back in the late 70's. It's one of my most vivid memories to this day.
  12. I thought "wouldn't it be fun?" for about 10 years before I finally went and got my L's. Figured, in the end, that if I did the learner course, I'd at least know, for sure, one way or the other, if I'd like it or not.

    I was in a car accident that wrote off my car a few days before the course - I turned up in a hire car!

    I can say now that getting my licence, and the subsequent bike, was the best thing I've done in a very long time.
  13. I needed a bit of excitement, the bus is nearly $100 a fortnight, secure undercover parking on a bike is free @ work.
    Don't need a second car, but need private transport.

    Nah thats just excuses I used to buy a bike...

    I just dunno really, just wanted one cos I knew it would be fun.

    Oh and people who ride bikes are just coool! 8)

  14. Drooling over MotoGP, price of petrol, the thought of one day owning a Yamaha Warrior, price of petrol, liked the idea of taking a spin up the GOR on one, price of petrol.
  15. My Dad was into trail bikes when I was little, for Christmas one year Santa bought me a PeeWee 50 ...wasnt too great at co ordination then! Got back into bike and my license 5 years ago.. and have had bikes since then. Even my mother has come to terms with my bikes and told me I wasnt allowed to sell my bike when I bought my house! :D
  16. When I was a kid, I'ld do laps round the block on my BMX til bedtime or when its too dark to see anything...

    Always loved cars and independant transport, wasn't too sure about the bike thing as the car was way more comfortable... but after my first ever ride when getting my L's, I bought my bike 3 days after and have been riding since.

    Oh... the car is my golf buggy on Saturday mornings...
  17. My father & grandfather.

    My great grandfather used to ride as well but I never met him.

    I guess it's just genetic :)
  18. Its in my genes, Father and Grand father both riders, First ride on my father's Matchless 650 back in the late 1950's, even got a photo of me on the old man's "Francis Barnett" aged 3.

    Hooked for life :D :D :D
  19. Dont know what sparked the interest, but my first bike was a hand me down 1978 cb750 from my uncle (did a bit of learning of mates 250 prior to) and have a photo of myself sitting on this very same bike when my uncle first purchased it. I was about 12 months old.

  20. I think two things that got me into bikes....
    My grandfather had a rusian copy of a harley...
    I saw Akira...