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What goes on in *your* helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fmu, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. ZOMGROFLCOPTERW00007!!!11!!111 (From the 'geek' for "My my what fun this is")

  2. &$^# tintop, *#%@# cager etc etc

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  3. "Shiny side up, rubber side down, shiny side up, rubber side down..."

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  4. Who said what now? I couldn't hear you over the sound of my [insert music player]

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  5. I am teh hawtness and youse are all jealous *rev* *rev*

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  1. So what really goes on under that cool, tinted visor? Who knows? Well, I want to know what is going on in other people's helmets.

    I, for one, like to do a bit of \:D/ :woot: and :furious: and :eek:hno: and (only ever so seldom under certain conditions) :music: and even, on occasion (within the limits of a 250) :cool: :cool: :cool:

    P.S. Feel free to add your own despite my comprehensive list :grin:

  2. mostly i sing to myself, and abuse cagers.

    lately, since the idea about making a learner video came to light, ive been talking to myself under the helmet, talking my way throught my rides (shauny's idea that i cant seem to get rid of)
    id prefer it if i could just sing.. even though i dont use a music player.. i just sing, and under the helmet where no one can hear me is the best place for it.
  3. well i like to listen to heavy metal on the ipod. but not always.

    if not i'm always being alert and trying to read traffic, if in any.
  4. just keep swimming just keep swimming.

    i find myself self always singing mr babalooga mr bobtabalooga for some unknown reason. and ill sing it untill my mouth hurts and its not even the right words for the song.

    there is also alot of z0mg doesnt he realise twin turbo means shit when im on a bike? *rev rev*

    you need a all of the above option cause my head is so crazt especially in my helmet.

    mr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloogmr bobalooga mr bobtabaloog....
  5. Oooops I knew I forgot one! Ronin11 I'm with you. I only started this post/poll because as I drew closer to home today after work I decided that I hadn't had enough and turned around and kept riding for another hour. And guess what I did the whole way? I did the best impression of Gold FM never heard by human ears! Hope noone planted a microphone in my helmet :oops:

    Just for the record I like hard trance but who can sing that?
  6. I sing and talk to myself when i'm not swearing at cagers
  7. A lot of singing (power rangers theme song is regular :LOL: ) and talking to myself. Quite a lot of giggling, laughing my arse off and occaisionaly shouting "JAPAAAN FOURRRR" as a prelude to or during doing something fun and irresponsible. :LOL:
  8. I find I swear a *lot* more on the bike than I do in Real Life(TM). I think it's that high stakes thing, and mostly what I'm saying is "See me, you &#%^$, and don't you dare &#^$*% pull out in front of me".
  9. well...........

    i sing to my music if I've got it on (which is most of the time to be honest), sometimes I just sing to myself, sometimes i sing a different song to what I'm listening to. and the rest of my journey is punctuated with shouting at cagers and saying "yeah youse are all jealous!!!!"

    funnily enough I was actually singing "just keep swimming swimming swimming, just keep swimming........" this morning because I spotted a Dory sticker in the back of someones window!!!
  10. "Keep the rubber down, Keep the rubber down"
  11. Usually something like:

    (I ride to get away from thinking :)).
  12. Leering, singing, scheming, verbally winning an argument or situation I've lost with the BEST comeback line, wondering when the next safe spot is for overtaking the car-driving tw*t in front of me, erm...
  13. ROFL :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. yeah theres alot of get out of the right lane u twat! its not for 100 its for 170 then a small beepbeep as they move over to say thankyou for moving and sorry for abusing you fr the past 100metres.

    i forgot to put in all my anti car rants haha. but i find lately on the free way there is alot more aware drivers. maybe its our increased numbers?
    i think they are getting scared lol.
  15. I think I'm mostly still a little rattled from my bingle. "Ok, who's going to pull out... I reckon... YOU!"
    "Can you see me?"

    "Can I make it... YES! (zooom)" or
    "Who's there?"
    "Which one will be less annoyed if I split infront of them? P-plater, SS, crappy old Corolla - yep"

    Rides like last night in the wind & rain: "Rubber side up... I mean DOWN! Rubber side DOWN DOWN... easy, easy, take it easy... whooaaahh!"

    And of course "Woo hooooo....!!!!"
    "Yup - you want one"

    "42 Wallaby Way, Sydney"
  16. +1

    Yeah I'm not really a big MP3 player person while riding so I have to make my own music... and so often I forget that people can hear me when I stop at the lights. :) Oh well.

    Anything to pass the time between corners. :grin: :cool:
  17. Here is a demonstration of my infinite patience.....I think the thing I say most in my helmet is "COME ON SWEETHEART" (slow/indecisive drivers bring this out a lot). Serious riding normally causes me to say out loud "relax, relax, relax" ....sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

    Long rides also usually have my iPod in, so you'll see my head or even my whole body bopping away to some track (normally an exponential increase in speed when this happens, too :shock: )
  18. Oh yeah also at lights... and I am not sure I should admit this but I hope there is at least one other person who does this, but... I try to predict the changing lights and count backwards to see if I have the power to control traffic. :)
  19. Yyyyyyep, I'm always singin'. So "none of the above."

    Fancy that! ;)
  20. i sing, talk out loud and sometimes yell unintelligible things.
    sll of which is ok until someone hears you :cool: