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What goes down must come up

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. What goes down must come up.. WORST night for ages, ranks in top 10 or 20 for bad nights. Anyway, some divine intervention helped me today.. I pulled away from some d1ckhead ricer skyline or some car wanna be racer tried to "drag me".. I took off medium pace, "bet him" by a bit, he gets sh1tty, plants to catch up to me, Im doing legal speed, he goes up my rear, I TWIST throttle for a split second, lets say, 0-100 in 2.9 seconds helped, he tries to catch up, so so far away. come to lights, I see police lights.. OOOPSY

    I turn off, so does ricer boy and cops. I get ready for him to move over and let cop "bust me" or tell me off for that SPLIT instant of proper acceleration and I see the ricer boy pull over, so does the cop. So I guess the cop only saw the ricer boy or saw it all and realised I was being tailgated when I took off FOR SAFETY and back to normal speed..

    But the BEST THING IS..

    I get sent this link in an email


    I.. am.. SO.. HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this set for years... literally
  2. Hey Waz,

    Bugger about the bad night, but good to hear you didn't get done! :)

    Sweet! Let me know when i should bring over 172 blank DVD's!!! :grin: ;)
  3. thats two weeks straight of watching at 30 min epasodes :shock: if there an hour long a whole month

    put the coffee pot on :p
  4. Now now now.... I feel sooooooooooooo stupid :oops: My girlfriend kindly pointed out that the price is $1,600 for it.. I stupidly didn't see how many DVDs there were and actually saw $160 :LOL: So.... I'll evaluate the "need" for every episode of prisoner vs the cost... I maybe would have jumped at the price of $500, $600? bur $1,600 is a lot of petrol for the bike ;)

    *head asploding with thinking for next few days me thinks*
  5. C'mon, it's only $2.31/episode :wink:

    And yes, very nice surprise that the cops pulled over the road user who was the real one doing the wrong thing. Although I have to admit, I've see cagers pulled over on big group rides lately.