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What glue to use for installing Hand Grips?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Pedro78, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I bought a pair of Progrip Gel hand grips to fit to my bike.
    I use the bike for commuting and ride in the rain whenever necessary so hairspray won’t be any good.
    As they didn’t come with anything im just wondering what type of glue is recommended?
    Is there a special glue that needs to be used or will regular old superglue be ok?
    Also how much do you apply as I don’t want to go overboard?

  2. I use the same grips and I have never glued them with anything.
    To date i've used them on, ZX9r, RGV250, VF750, RS125GP, GPX250 amongst others.
    Usually to install them I sit them in boiling water for a few minutes to get them to grow so they slide on easier.
    I do however lockwire them to stop them twisting on the bar. Old habit.
  3. Spray paint from a rattle can works well, as does ironically WD40.
    The Wd40 initially lubricates and allows the grip to be correctly positioned and after being allowed to sit, preferably overnight, will 'glue' the grip to the bar due to the solvent reacting with the silicone rubber.

    Both solutions work well.
  4. Probably a stupid question but how do you lockwire them?
  5. Got this tip from a bike shop....
    use hairspray ! :shock:
  6. I used a Selleys glue; can't remember its name, but you coat both surfaces and leave it for ten minutes, then whack them together quickly; sticks like a slick to a track. It's so good you won't have to use much, just a ring around the inner end, inside the grip, and a ring aroudn the bak where it's going to contact, the same on the outer end.
  7. +1

    Makes it easier to put them on and dries reasonably quickly, leaving some sticky stuff.
  8. 'Singles glue' used for push bike racing tyres :wink:
  9. You lockwire them, by looping wire at each end.
  10. There's grip glue out there, I just use hair gel or spray. No problems.
  11. +2

    anything more makes them too hard to get off in future.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I've used hairspray for more years than I care to remember.

    Never had "grip-slip"
  14. Thanks guys. I was going to use hairspray but had read a thread somewhere that said when it rains the water gets in, loosens the hairspray and causes them to slip but seeing as no one appears to have had that problem I think I will give it a go.
  15. Water doesn't get in to reactivate the hair spray if the grips are a good tight fit. Hair spray is used more as a temporary lubricant to get tight grips into place, rather than a glue.

    The only movement I have had after using hair spray to get grips on is at the inside edge, which moved a bit. If you experience that problem, and want to fix it, a small ring of contact glue on the inside edge would do it. But don't wait for it to dry before fitting, since once the two surfaces touch, they will stick, and you wont get the grip fully on.

    Alternately, use hair spray and lock wire the inside edge only. Or use a cable tie.
  16. Finally put them on this afternoon using hairspray although now that there on i think the plain black ones would have looked better.
    O'well i'll be looking at getting some oxford heated grips come winter time anyway so they'll do the job for now.


  17. nice bike pedro, mite give this a wack soon too as i need new grips. hair spray ftw :D