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What glasses with Open Face

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Changa, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    I'm thinking of getting an open face helmet, and was just wondering if there's any recommendations with regards to types of glasses (sunglasses) to wear/buy ?

    I've been told Ugly Fish are a decent brand, also that I'll definitely need something with padding.....I don't want goggles, but would like something that looks decent and does the job. The benefit with the Ugly Fish is they have a 3 in 1 pack with clear and amber as well. I don't normally like dark sunnies and would prefer clear at times.

    What are the decent brands, and what should I be spending ? Going to the States shortly as well, and they seem to have riders sunnies with padding for VERY cheap prices.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  2. wiley x

    best to try on whatever you select with your helmet on to see how they sit
  3. +1 on this as I can say from experience that the legs on your final choice will make a massive difference as the sunnies I've been issued have varied in their comfort level on this issue alone.

    As for recommendations, my favourite AusPost issues are Bolle Raptor as the flat legs and marginal hook made them comfortable over the long periods of wear that we endure and their generous lens provided decent vision. Unfortunately they are a single lens colour.

    A personal but untested with a helmet recommendation are Fuglies which come in a variety of styles and lens types and at a fairly decent price too.
  4. Personally I've never used anything but wraparound safety specs for years now. Whatever's cheapest when I'm in my local safety shop or Bunnings. Decent optically, impact rated, UV protected and generally comfortable. When they get scratched, broken or lost, it's no biggie, just buy another pair.

    Like I said, I find the cheapies good. MrsB once sprang for a set of Bolles for me as a treat and I hated them. Wouldn't stay on my head and had a piece of frame right in my peripheral vision. Back to the usual $7 specials for me.
  5. I have five (yes FIVE) pairs of fuglies... a clear set for work... a clear, and a tinted + polarised set for the bike, and 2x the same with head strap for when im flying... they are good, but hard to judge a proper fit for your face.
    Fortunately, except for paying return shipping, if you are unhappy you can have them returned and credited against a different pair (provided all tags etc are still attached).

    For me, the best fit for the bike and helmet are.... http://fuglies.com.au/polarised_safety_sunglasses.html style PP05...
  6. AS 1337 (elite haha) compliant. You would look like a douche, but is the cost of your eye's worth that?
  7. I wear Ugly Fish under my full face. I have the ones with interchangeable lenses but have only ever used the dark lenses.

    They're ok for the price but next time I'll fork out good money for better quality lenses, which are cheapish and will scratch. With the foam bits attached, the fit is very close to the eyeball (they may be perfect for your own eyes) and can be annoying.

    Having said that, they block out the breeze well, are comfortable enough, are easy to put on while wearing the helmet and stay put.
  8. Forgot to mention that...
    Yeah all mine have foam around them except the clear one for work... with enough holes to allow air (and the odd ocassion dust) in, which you will need, otherwise you might as well go to kmart and get some swimming goggles. Does enough to block about 95% of the crap as flinders says.
  9. Get those big bastard bmx things.
  10. Same as Pat B..wrap around safety specs from bunnings. I always use a full face but I like to ride with the visor open if the weather is good.
    Anti UV,polycarbonate scratch resistant and and cheap as f#ck. My latest pair are a blue rainbow/iridium tint on the outside...look real close at my avatar..that's them. I think they were about 15 bucks.
  11. Just bought a couple of pairs to replace my last ones which I've lost. Eyres cheapest. $7.70 a pair from Work Clobber. Brilliant fit and super comfortable with no significant restrictions on my peripheral vision. Look OK too.

    Why pay more? (If they fit you, of course)
  12. The biggest pair you can find..........to hide all the scars and disfigurement on your face after sliding down the bitumen, grinding your chin and nose away........:eek:
    seriously why the hell would you..?? must be a cruiser thing,:-s along with the fingerless gloves and the skull facemask[-(

    Short answer: whichever brand fits well on you while you have your specific helmet on.......
  13. I wear a pair of Fuglies SAS Ballistic sunglasses with Polarised Polycarbonate lenses (they're also available in clear). The arms are long and thin, fitting comfortably into a full-face helmet. The lenses are impact rated to 205 m/s (i.e. they won't shatter from an impact below this speed) so I'm quite confident in riding with the helmet visor open.


    The RRP is $80 but I got them on sale for $50.
  14. LOL....=D> Good answer Rogues.

    Look....I have a full face helmet at the moment and am planning on updating it, and getting an open face. Why the open face...?? Because when I'm out riding my bike, I really enjoy the wind on my face, and cruising along experiencing what's around me. I don't care about speed, or cornering at a thousand miles an hour....I've found riding to be an incredible experience and I really enjoy the open face aspect of it.
    As for the "skull mask".....would you believe my wife said "You should get one of those", the other day. I laughed and walked off to look at something else.

  15. Guys,

    thanks very much for all the replies. I was especially interested at the safety glasses referals. I thought maybe I was being stupid for considering them. I think in the long run I'll go with something which has the added foam to reduce the wind factor.

    I tried some Ugly Fish this week.....not bad, but would like to check out the Fuglies as well. I wasn't sure if there were some tried and trusted brand out there, so that's why I asked. I'm heading to the States shortly, and riding glasses seem to be very cheap over there.


  16. you do need the foam insert
    safety glasses without that are not much good because you will still get grit in your eyes.
    and where the air does channel in, you'll find it funnels in there in specific spots at high pressure and you'll get pretty sore, red spots on your eyes soon enough.
    the foam inserts work the same as motocross goggles, allowing the air in and enough flow through to demist the lenses.
    even tiny bits of grit in your eyes at 100kph plus can **** your shit up.
    if you're just going to piddle around at walking pace then safety glasses would suffice.
    but realistically, the safety glasses sugestion was a dumb and naive one.
    dude i used to wear an open faced, but have long since wised up.
    remember, the habbits you start with are the hardest to break.
    theres no joy to be had from open faced helmets, it's only about the look, that's it... it's a sacrifice you make to try and look like a tough guy.
    they come off a lot easier than full faces if you have a tumble; and at freeway speeds they feel like a small parachute attached to your neck by the chin strap.
    fresh air?, what fresh air... one trip to work in the road fumes and you"ll feel sick as a dog... that's why they wear the gay bandanas.
    a bloke your age, comming on a motorcycle forum and asking the questions you do; lets just say it speaks volumes about you.
    grow up and wise up or your adventure into re-capuring lost youth on a motorcycle will be a short lived one. today is a diferent world, a ****ed up rat race where the smart survive on the roads.; you take it seriously you live
  17. I was on the postie bike ride from Brisbane to Darwin, whilst riding on dirt roads, full of bull dust, this guy came off, who had an open faced helmet, he has been in intensive car since late September. His face was fractured in numerous places. We think his face collided with the handle bar. His eye was very swollen, he also bit through his tongue. We had a facial surgeon on the ride who commented that he would not have had most of those injuries if he had of had a full faced helmet on. Really did put the wind up most of the other people on the ride that had open faced helmets. I fell off on the ride going over a concrete causeway that had a bit of water on it, my full faced helmet got scratched on the side where my jaw was. So glad I didn;'t have an open faced helmet.
  18. nuff said I s'pose.......just take the info on board mate, we all make our own choices.........and this has nuthin' to do with it trust me.......
    .....hitting the bitumen at 40-60k's with your chin,face, nose etc will be like rubbing a cheese grater over your face..........
    got one in the kitchen cupboard??.... try it..... it aint nice!
  19. Been wearing them for over 20 years, both open-face and full face with visor up/no visor. Never had the slightest problem. Your experience may have been different but I'd thank you not to dismiss, out of hand, advice based on two decades and several hundred thousand k's of use.
  20. So you'd advocate full-face helmets for push-bike riders then?