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What gear do you own?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by s1000rider, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hi NR users,

    Curious what gear people recommend and wear when everyday riding/ track days...

    Provide few Pros and Cons on your gear

    I will start first:

    Helmet: Shoei XR 11-00

    Pros: very comfortable, removable inserts, fairly light, great graphic details, look great
    Cons: Noisy at higher speeds, chin feels exposed (that is how they make them), Expensive

    Leather Jacket: Dainese: Full leather Jacket (can't find the model)

    Pros: Very comfortable, quality build, look great, durable and blocks the elements very well.
    Cons, no back or chest protection, no removable inner lining

    Boots: Alpinestars S-MX5 Waterproof boots (full length)
    Pros: very comfortable, durable, holds off water most of the time
    Cons: Hot in Summer, Bulky

    Gloves: Dainese D-Tec Leather Gloves
    Pros: Great feel in almost all weather conditions, looks good, build quality
    Cons: Prone to getting dirty, fading colour inside when soaked (used in very wet weather no the best idea)

    Pants: Kevlar Generic Brand

    Pros: Comfortable, good looking, good quality.
    Cons: Very hot in summer

    I will look to post photos tonite.
  2. please dont
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  3. ok Uncle Greg.... I won't :banhappy:
  4. I've got a couple of one piece leather suits, one from the wanker days, one from the dreamer days. It's got to be exactly right to wear these. Closet filler mostly now. A vintage leather Surcoat. - you know, big, double breasted long thing - it's the bees knees when it is really cold, but there is no putting waterproofs over it, but it will keep one surprisingly dry. There's a couple of leather Jackets, A pair of Leather pants. Balaclavas, neck warmers etc. Either the thin woollen or the silk balaclava are the best in the cold. A neck warmer with one of those confers immunity from the cold. I prefer the silk - easier to get the helmet on and off and does not affect the fit at all.

    Boots? The only standout is a pair of Medal boots from the 80s, still good enough to be worn casually - they still polish up real well, (and I wore them every day for 8 years, rain or shine) they'll probably wear through on the top of the left toe eventually if I don't cap the area soon. I'd get another pair, but the fellow who makes them, I believe, has left the game. My favourite winter boots.

    There is also a pair of "Winter Jeans" I made myself from some heavy brushed denim and 2 layers of heavy woollen fabric scavenged out of an electric blanket. Just the thing in the winter with a pair of waterproofs over the top. Better than anything I can find to buy. Also a pair of Dri-Rider waterproof boots - too hot in the summer, but they will keep your feet dry. They are not going to last long - light crap construction. I've got lots of other boots and heavy footwear.

    A Dri-Rider Summit Winter jacket - It's not dry at all. Ok in the dry and reasonably warm, vented well enough to wear in between seasons, but you will get wet, and very quickly in the arms. How many pairs of gloves? 4. A couple of Dri-rider ones, a couple of pairs of summer gloves (unlined, R-Jays I think) 1 helmet. HJC (better than the AGV it replaced, which wasn't as good as the Shoei(s) before that. Whether the HJC is as good as the S12 Shoei remains to be seen. I just don't throw stuff out, apart from helmets, and honestly, for the most part, my old gear is way better than the newer gear by a big margin.

    I've got an old nylon/vinyl rain set (top and bottom) by Rivett that has given me an outstanding run. the vinyl is starting to delaminate on the lower sides, but considering the years its got on it (30+) that's not bad - the pants are still in very good condition and do not leak, but they are a bugger to get on. Find a bus stop.

    I never should have sold my waxed Cotton Belstaff set. (wet weather gear) Best gear ever. I took a break from riding - 5 years only and somebody wanted it.

    Serious old school here. I get around most days in denim only now that summer is upon us, with maybe a Dainese vest I've got for the pockets it has.
  5. Shoei make a whisper kit for the xr-1100 that fixes up the noise issue if you haven't seen these around.
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  6. I've just bought myself (thanks Gumtree) a secondhand 2 piece Dainese suit. Now I just have to buy the bike to go with it.................
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  7. That's quite funny Womble, have you just got up?
  8. Nah, been at it all day, I'm usually good for one funny per week.
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  9. Nice one, that's only one more than me
  10. I mostly wear budget gear and prefer subtlety:
    Bog standard cafe racer style leather jacket from finn moto,
    A kevlar hoodie for summer feels like wearing nothing and is too cold when it's under 25 degrees
    Bog standard heavy full lining heavy kevlar jeans, bog standard leather trousers both with armour..
    I'm a bit interesting when it comes to gloves, even before I had heated grips I wore summer gloves all year. Only had a pair of joe rocket sonic glove so far, not bad for $50. I'd love a set of velocity gear metalware when I have money to burn.
    First pair of boots were bullson maddox, cheap and excellent but for the fact that the shift pad will eventually crack the leather around it, successfully protected my ankle once or twice. Second pair was forma voyage, most subtle protective boot available? Annoyingly I am between sizes, I really should get some lambswool insoles or something.
    I have a good assortment of scarves, none of which actually protect my neck from the sun easily, I recent purchased a piece of silk that should cover my neck better/easier.

    I mostly hate shopping for gear, it seems like most of the stuff that looks like it might work in a crash is too garish for my tastes. Dumb question, does that make me sound old when I'm not?
  11. No, but it sounds like your favourite movie is either sex in the city, or the devil wears prada.
  12. I've never seen the point in spending big money on gear. The aldi stuff works as well as the good stuff and the good stuff is ridiculously expensive for something that odds on you will never use as anything more than an item of clothing unless you go to the track.
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  13. Way to much stuff to bother listing here somewhere in the vicinity of 8-10 helmets, 7 or 8 jackets a half dozen different pants with multiple pairs of the different types, i think 4 or 5 pairs of boots, fcuk knows how many pairs of gloves its a lot.

    Here are probably my favourite and most worn gear.
    - Rev'it Rebel jacket (new one just arrived, replaced my old one which i miss dearly). This jacket is probably half the price of your big name brand jackets, but is tenfold better in every aspect particularly quality
    - Draggin Classic cut, high rise jeans
    - Leather/Gortex Daineses touring boots
    - AStar GPX shorty gloves I have a few pairs of these I don't know what I will do if they are ever discontinued as I'm yet to find a glove I like the same or more

    Most my gear is casual riding/touring orientated

    I think we are lucky in Sydney I wear the same gear all 4 seasons but then I might have thicker skin than others. I also look more for quality regardless of cost or brand there is some cheaper gear that shits on some of the top shelf stuff.

    I also like to look more subtle rather than a walking billboard brand whore.
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  14. key difference between aldi stuff and other quality stuff particularly in the clothing is the materials and quality which goes hand in hand with comfort, durability, life span. I looked at the aldi leather jackets and the were really heavy and very stiff, also the cut and tailoring seemed very generic rather than fitted.

    Most the other stuff I am sure is sourced from the same factory as the R-jay's line and rebadged which is probably value for money and a lot of people seem to like rays, it but you also get what you pay for and thats not to say you have to s[pend a lot to get quality.

    Last time I looked at some of the top of shelf Alpinestar and Dianeses jackets the quality has taken a massive nose dive.
  15. Thanks LG! I wasn't aware Shoei had one made for the helmet =D
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  16. How have you gone with life span on the draggins? Both pairs I've owned burst to pieces after a year. The seams above the knees opened making them about effective as a pair of kevlar speedos. This is the brand which really put me off wasting money on expensive gear because the cheaper stuff has lasted a hell of a lot longer.
  17. I don't know what to say I have never had a bad experience with draggin I recently even got a phone call, hand written note and a little something extra in with my last order

    I've got pairs that would be perhaps 5 years old, and the pair I was wearing certainly saved my skin when I was knocked off, and I am positive they were an older pair.
  18. Probably my body shape more than anything. My legs are short so the mid cross seam lines up with the knee putting a lot of pressure on them. Other jeans have this seam much higher up.
  19. Did you buy in a store? I find that Draggins are getting very little shelf space as the shops push their own brands, leaving very little stock on the shelf of draggins.

    they do heaps of sizes, cuts and leg lengths. if you just bought off the shelf based on your waste measurement you might not have got the right size.

    I find it hard to believe the seams failed on you though (not doubting it did happen) but I have found Draggins to be extremely durable.

    As you know I had a spill earlier this year and a pretty good speed and the Draggins held up extremely well.

    Had they not been cut off me and soaked in blood easily could have worn them again.

    edit: $250 for a pair of jeans is pretty reasonable. Am I alone in thinking this? you'd pay that much for quality regular jeans. sure the generic brands are cheap but I always find the cut and sizes to be very generic rather than tailored if that makes sense.