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What gear do you own?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm in the market for some new motorbike gear. My gloves are nearly worn right through and I've lost 20kg since I got my leathers... so any serious fall would kinda negate some advantage as the armour would twist and slip and the jacket would probably just ride up and over my head. I have no proper wet-weather gear. My boots are much too big for me and without heavy socks don't really fit properly at all. I'm finding myself squidding more and more. And I wanna stop that.

    But with all these things I need to buy and with my limited funds, I need to be strategic about what I buy. So o'er to you.

    What do you own? Do you tour in leathers and use chuck on a fll wet weather suit over the top? Do you own leathers and textile gear? Winter and Summer boots?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I've got full dainese leathers and goretex... but it's not a cheap way to go.

    I'd recommend getting a textile jacket, preferably vented, with removeable liners for warmth and rain... it'll serve you well all year round.

    goretex pants can be a good option cause they breath noticeably but also keep out weather, have armour, and can be had for the $250ish mark from petersteven pretty regularly from what ive seen.
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  3. I have a range of gear that I have accumulated over the years. I tend to buy the best stuff that I can afford and have found that it lasts if you look after it ( with the exception of wet weather pants in which case I buy cheap stuff that fits under the seat of the bike). My Tiger Angel leather jacket is 12 years old and still looks like new.

    I have leather gear for track days and when my mood and weather suits leather. I also have a good textile jacket which is great for a wide range of weather conditions and is awesome in even the heaviest rain. Its the jacket I would take if I were going to do a long trip in varying or unknown weather conditions.

    And since I moved to the tropics where it is so effing hot and humid, I also have a textile jacket which I wear anytime I am on the bike in warmer weather. I found that my normal rextile jacket was fine in all conditions in Sydney. It was only once I moved this far north that I still felt hot in it without the liner

    List is as follows

    Tiger Angel Newcat classic leather jacket
    Tiger Angel Goretex Element jacket (If I could only have one jacket for the road it would be the element. Its so versatile!)
    Dri rider mesh summer jacket
    Alpinestars Tech 1R leather jacket

    Sidi Vertigo
    Sidi ST Air
    Alpinestars touring boots

    Tigel Angel Leather pant ( zips to my leather jacket) for track days
    Jeans, Draggin jeans,etc
    A cheap set of plastic wet weather pants for when I get caught out.

    Held Titan
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  4. Boots - Current pair cost $100 which is the most I've ever spent (last pair cost $50 from Aldi)
    Gloves - $50 pair from Aldi with some $10 silk inserts worked well in virtually any weather in Victoria.
    Pants - $200 leather, $130 textile (and a couple of $100 kevlar jeans for around town)
    Jacket - $200 leather, $250 textile which with varying layers of clothing underneath worked fine down to -8 degrees.

    So less than a grand was more than enough for me to cope with all seasons. Try AMX for the best prices on stuff (or wait for Aldi to get in more M/C gear).

    Edit: Oh and aside from the boots and gloves the rest of my gear is getting on nearly 10 years old and is still in perfectly good condition. So the cheap stuff can certainly last if looked after (I clean and wax my leathers regularly).
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  5. I have 4 jackets ranging from full mesh to thick leather. Two pairs Draggin Jeans, plus one pair leather for winter. 5 pr gloves, (mesh to thick leather) 2 pair boots (although one pair just dont get used) 2 helmets (only use the Arai but the RST is a spare, just in case...) Also have a woollen neck warmer.
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  6. Tiger Angel Element jacket and pants. 5 years old.
    Jackson Racing kangaroo skin gloves.
    Alpinestars SMXplus boots
    Arai Vector helmet.

    Mesh jacket and pants if its hot.
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  7. #7 Blaise, Jan 23, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2013
    • Berik jacket and track pants (2 years old),
    • Some RJay leathers which have been relegated to the wardrobe for god-knows how long,
    • RJay wet weathers,
    • Hornee Jeans (albeit lost somewhere in my g/friend's flat),
    • Berik Kangaroo hide GP gloves (2 years old and really need replacing - getting thin and smell like arse),
    • A* SMX5 boots (4 years old and looking at being replaced), and
    • Shoei XR1000 lid.
    Looking at getting a pair of Sidi ST boots, gloves and a 1-piece suit (possibly a Spidi RR Wind Pro) from OS.
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  8. My jackets and pants are from Joe Rocket.

    I have a textile Winter jacket, a leather "long distance" jacket and a mesh jacket that I use in hot weather.
    I use the Speedmaster 5.0 perforated leather pants. They are extremely comfortable and the perforations allow you to wear them in even the hottest of weather. In cold weather I simply wear a pair of IceBreaker thermals underneath them.

    As for boots, I have owned Sidi boots in the past and loved them but they fell apart after only five months. Steve at Caringbah Motorcycles suggested I try the Gaerne boots and more than two years later I still have nothing but praise for them.

    In the gloves area I use and recommend FIVE gloves. They are absolutely the best quality, best fitting gloves I've ever owned. I personally don't like heavy gloves or long gloves, so I wear FIVE supermotard gloves.

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  9. I've heard nothing but good things about the Gaerne boot - not a huge following but I haven't met someone anyone who isn't a huge fan after owning them.
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  10. How can you tell whether the weather suits leather suits? :)
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  11. For faster rides I wear compression undergarments, your normal cheapo and perpetually on sale Berik two piece suit....and Held kangaroo gloves.

    For slower and hot rides I wear a half leather half mesh Cortec jacket and Takamii kevlar jeans......

    When it rains I have a waterproof glove, Held waterproof overgear, your normal waterproof fluro work pants, and waterproof boots......

    When its cold I mix up my gear depending on how cold it is........i might wear my full wet weather gear if its super cold and my marino undergarment.

    I cant imagine wearing anything else apart from these, covers all weather IMO.................
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  12. Winter
    Rjays Explorer II textile jacket and pants - Excellent
    Rjays Icelord gloves - Excellent
    Rjays textile rain pants (waterproof overpants) - Un-tested, the Explorer pants
    are waterproof and I haven't been out in jeans in rain

    RJays Octane jacket - OK, but elbow armour slips down and is annoying
    Rjays Canyon gloves - Quite good, not as comfortable as the winter ones

    Any season
    Draggin Jeans, the original/standard type - Good, heavy, weird coin
    pocket on wrong side and not fantastic looking, but good protection for jeans
    Berik Switch leather jacket - Excellent
    Berik Sport or Track leather pants (zip to jacket) - Excellent
    Rjays Tour AM boots - Very good, comfortable, good protection without being
    over the top in looks and price, very waterproof and warm in winter, not too
    hot in summer
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  13. I would definitely buy them again. - Cheaper than Sidi boots and longer lasting.
  14. Hmmm. Which Gaerne boots do you have?

    And thanks to everyone for their replies. Keep them coming. I feel a lot better about this now.
  15. I have the GRT Aquatech model.
  16. Ta for the useful thread - I'm in a similar situation.

    Not that it helps, but since you ask: a cheapo Ixon mesh jacket with a liner, an old pair of draggins, a pair of Takami's gloves and a worn out pair of dririder boots. If touring, the above plus a pair of knee guards and a dainese back protector. Some poly thermals if cold (merino is great, but once its wet it stays wet). Never really felt that I was missing any gear.

    If it rains I get wet.
  17. Another reason to buy Gaerne boots:

  18. Puts me off them a little...
  19. Jackets
    • Dri-Rider Climate Pro II (textile jacket that I wore for 3 months, until I realised it is complete shit)
    • REV'IT Ignition II (leather and textile - can wear it both summer and winter, fantastic jacket!)
    • REV'IT DEFENDER GTX (touring.. awesome jacket for all weather, hot, cold, wet or dry.. it's awesome)
    • Hornee Jeans (hot, heavy and looks like I'm wearing a nappy.. need to replace urgently)
    • REV'IT DEFENDER GTX (just like the jacket, perfect for all occasions!)
    • Shark Vision-R (wore it for 3 months - OK helmet, but wished I did some more testing of others, use it as a pillion helmet now.. for anyone who fits an XL head that is)
    • Shoei Neotec (perfect helmet, didn't think I would be a modular fan, but after this - Im a convert! - looking at the new Shoei GT when it comes out too)
    • Dri-Rider AirMesh (worst. gloves. ever - replaced them immediately)
    • REV'IT Dirt (best summer gloves, super comfortable)
    • REV'IT Alaska GTX (winter gloves, super warm but pretty bulky - only use them in extreme cold)
    • REV'IT Summit H2O (wet weather in summer.. waterproof.. well, sort of)
    Considering I have only been riding for a year, I seem to have accumulated a load of gear.. some have been poor choices (when I first bought my bike, bought what the dealer had available at the time - very bad decision in hind sight)
    My advice to anyone buying a first bike from a dealer, do yourself a favor and buy your gear elsewhere before you pick up the bike.
  20. Don't like blondes?