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What gear did you get for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by h0nd@, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. :worthlesspics:

  2. my lovely wife sponsored this for my chrissie present.

    clicky wicky ummmm icky?!?

    there is substantial scabbing etc. at this stage and as such should not be looked upon as the final product ;)
    also, when is one ever finished once started :grin:
    who drew it - me
    meaning - google winston churchill and black dog......
    or of course you could just look at the NADS thread

    EDIT: work done by Mark at the not-quite-opened-yet-or-named tattoo shop in batemans bay.
  3. oh, and to keep it bike related, all bikers have tattoos right?? :rofl:
  4. I got............

    Nothing :(
  5. Amongst other things... I got a special t-shirt, in honour of my 1700 posts on NR.

    The T-shirt reads....

    "You have a right to know my opinion"... or something similar... :rofl:

    Gotta love Santa. :)
  6. Had to get myself a Shoei Diabolic Zero (I can't find a frickin' pic!) , to replace my Diabolic one that I screwed up.
    Merry christmas to me. :p
  7. Twist of the Wrist :grin:
  8. I'll be getting a race stand for Christmas, just as soon as I go and buy iy. :grin:

    I have to get it myself as Mum didn't know what it was. :wink: In fact she initially said no as she felt that holding the rear wheel off the ground sounded somewhat dangerous. :shock: She was much happier when she realised I wouldn't be using it while actually riding the bike. :LOL: She now agrees it sounds safer than using tie down straps to hold the bike from the rafters in the shed. :wink: :)
  9. Very nice! I wanted that exact jacket for Christmas too but the smallest size is just a little too big for me.
  10. [​IMG]
    best prezzies are the ones you get yourself. :grin:
  11. I got some fully sik winter gloves.
    Plus an infrared thermometer, digital camera, chainsaw, auto dimming welding helmet, plus sundry clothes etc.
    Having a birthday on the 24th rocks!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. me too......cept the magazine i bought myself...... :?
  13. My wife got me a Ventura seat bag, Xbox 360 to stream media to the TV (and to play the odd game or two), clothes, and a monumental hangover this morning...
  14. i got 8 Apinestars shirts , 2 hats and will be going to get a helmet tomorrow.(not sure what one yet).
  15. 8 shirts?????? whew.....
  16. it was the smallest size off the rack at size 44 from bikemart and is the exact fit for me, really happy w/it, very comfy for the 600kms+ round trip on Tiga's wilsons prom ride (not to mention i looked fast wearing it :LOL: )
  17. I got a Rego tube for the bike, (much better looking than that square plastic piece of shit) a Bayliss (Aced by the Wild Card, Valencia 2006 Tee Shirt) a bike cover and "My grandpa loves me" book from my grandson Cooper ... all in all a bloody good day ...
  18. Socket set, torque wrench, cordless drill, drill bits, screwdriver set, tap and die set, headlamp, fuel can and a Ventura rack once I go and buy it.
    Yep lots of tools for the bike :grin: