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What gear am i in?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bagga, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Last year my mate got himself a new Gsxr1000 , After doing what we all do when the new toy arrives (Oh Look at that) i noticed it has a What Gear am i in display, I though to myself HOW COOL!

    Now i know when i ride i should know what gear i am in but being still newish to riding i sometimes lose track of my selection, should they have this type of display on all bikes.

    I would like to read your views if you have any.....

  2. how i see it, i dont count what gear i am in, as it doesnt matter. you put the bike in a gear that will do the job needed at that moment in time.

    just my thoughts
  3. i concur
  4. I agree, need to know what gear i am in. I often get lost with the gears and have been riding for years! :LOL: I might upgrade to the new gsxr :wink:
  5. There are many bikes now, that from the factory, are quite quiet, and in the lower gears, may be difficult for a newbie to determine what gear.

    My M50 only has a speedo. If your bike has a tacho, that is more useful for working out if you are in the right gear.
  6. I've had a couple of bikes that had gear number displays.

    I found them a little useful when just cruising around (it's easy to end up in 5th instead of 6th on a smooth bike).

    I never found them of much use when I was pushing harder as I was watching the road not the dash (except for a quick glance at the tacho).
  7. Thanks for the feedback, all are valid pionts of view, for me i find more so in setting up for the twisties i was entering one gear lower than i needed and by the time i corrected my selection i had washed off what speed i had. I guess it all comes down to experience..
  8. I'd like a bike with a gear indicator... and a clock!

    That'd be sweet. I'd totally use both too.

    Stupid featureless 250's...
  9. Yep, I'd like the gear indicator too. Stealthassassin and I bought a little clock with an LED light and thermometer. Good thing about it is its got velcro on the back so you can take it off if you're worried about someone pinching it.

    Oh and its waterproof too :p
  10. You can get aftermarket gear indicators for alot of bikes. Its just a little LCD screen that sticks on your dash. Some need to be calibrated and some dont. Depends on the bike.

    On my bike, the most useful thing (imho) is a friggin fuel guage and Kawasaki seem to think these arent a necessary item. Id happily trade my clock and my laptimer for a fuel guage! Even the old Hyosung had a fuel guage!!

  11. Thanks "bambam_101" i might look into one of those.
    Your right on the fule guage my VFR had a good one but the CBR just goes "Ha Ha Ha Your out bud"

  12. And you have a 1k gixxer? :p
  13. Says he who is jealous! :p :p :p :p
  14. No Idont have the Gixxer my mate does i have a CBR1000Fireblade
    Sorry if i confused you :grin:

    Also at my age anything under 5 years is new :?
  15. do currently have a bike chris??

    on topic though; i dont think i would ever even look at a gear indicator.
    but i come from dirtbikes...
    i know one thing about dashlights though, the highbeam light on the rr pishes me orf, it distracts me from the road ahead :shock:
    less lights the better i say :!:
  16. The times I've misjudged what gear I'm in was when I'd been playing all day on the twisties, having it in higher revs than normal riding... then coming home, getting on the freeway, I've thought I was in 6th when I was in 4th :oops: :LOL: . Considering how I'd been riding all day, the revs seemed about right!
  17. I agree, the fuel gauge is one of the most handy items on my bird. Gear indicator is of no use, as others have said just ride in the gear that suits the conditions at that point in time. You will get used to hearing the motor at different RPM values, and will learn what feels/sounds right soon enough. The gear 1,2,3 etc isn't important, there are no hard and fast rules for the "correct" gear to be in for any situation other than stop (requires 1st) and highway speed (requires top) anything in between is dependant upon riding conditions.
  18. I'd be quite happy with a light that came on when i had low fuel. Much better then a fuel guage, mostly because when a bikes leant over, the fuel takes a different slope in the tank, giving a different volume to most sensors.

    Gear indicator is a bit of miss for me, if its easy enough to do in the gear you are in, leave it in that gear, if its hard to do, go down a gear.
  19. Yes, but most people don't watch the fuel gauge in corners for that reason.... that, and concentrating on the road. If you forget to reset your tripmeter, its more useful to know where you are at then "You have 10km before you push".
  20. my light comes on with 6L remaining, thats about 100kms ;)