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What fuel to use in VTR250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by u095538, May 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    What fuel should I be feeding my 2006 VTR250? I unfortunately don't have the service manual as only the bike itself came in the private sale :(

    I've been putting in Premium, however I read on a different threead that a 90' CBR250-RR wasn't designed for high octane fuel so it's not beneficial at all.. I'm now wondering if this is the case with my bike too?

    Does anyone know?
  2. cbr250s are almost the same i believe....

    as said before 98 (v-power/BP ultimate/most expensive) fuel is for high compression, which i doubt yours is.

    you can run 98 in every now and then no problems, and it will also clean out your valves n stuff

    otherwise save that couple of buks run 95 (premium) or 91 (normal) what ever tickles ur fancy.

    i run 95 on mine and my bro runs 91. no major differences; same bikes
  3. Hiya;

    VTR250's manual specifies "unleaded fuel". I didn't notice any measurable differences between 91, 95 or 98 octane in the 45,000km I had mine for, so I always used 91. :)
  4. I havent had a 250 in quite a while but with all my bikes i have always been told by mechanic that premium fuel is the way to go as its a much better product. (alot more refined).

    Best fuel i have found my bike to be running on is Caltex Vortex 98. Bike loves it.

    Oh and stay away from shell optimax. bike are renowned for hating it and dont put any ethonl blended fuels in your bike either.

  5. The first time I put 91 octane fuel in my ZZR250 it started pinging, not saying yours, or anyone elses, will but mine did and I will never use 91 in my bike again.

  6. Lol kenny :LOL:

    OP, yes run 91 in it. The additives in many 98 rated fuels can be beneficial though, so every now and again a bit of bp ultimate or what have you can help keep the fuel system cleaner.
  7. ive heard how shell stuff seems to attract water or something.

  8. Whats funny?
  9. Ran 91 in my VTR250 for a fair while then tried 98 after a service and tune... Well the 98 made it run like shit. Post tune up and new iridium plugs, it runs beaut on 95 but I'll get whatever is available out of 91 or 95.
  10. fcuk YEAH! A 'which fuel?' thread!


  11. hahha a sticky should be put up... you can safely run 91 most bikes....95/98 if recommended in manual.

    E10 (91 with 10% ethanol)
    E80 (80% ethanol with 20% 91) <- found in some rual/outter metro petrol station
    Kero <- thats jet fuel... dont get any ideas, kero requires some compression like diesel i dont know about needing sparks or not
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'd clarify two of your points, Willzah.

    (1) If the fuel requirements are unknown, it's safer to err on the side of caution and run 95 or 98 in a bike that doesn't need it, than run 91 in a bike that needs high octane.

    (2) Quite a few modern bikes are designed to run some amount of ethanol safely (eg: modern 1050cc Triumph engines are designed to use up to 15%). The bike's manual will state what percentage of ethanol is safe.
  13. why would u wana run e10 anyway, it costs me like 15 buks to fill up on 98 bout 13 for 95 n round 10 for 91, how much cheaper do u need?

    RTFM on which fuel otherwise its 91
  14. I own a VTR250. They're designed to run on 91, and you really won't notice any difference running premium. The only thing you may notice is that, because it won't burn all the fuel when you're running premium, your plugs may become coated with crap. It hasn't happened to my bike, but I've been told that when you pull the plugs out it can look as if you've been putting oil in the fuel tank.

    But basically, I've run mine on 91 from the word go and I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

  15. wouldnt unburnt fuel be expelled in exhaust n probs combusted in the exhaust pipes?
  16. Very interesting - didn't know that.
  17. Strange thing is, this happens with my bike more on 91 than it does when running 95 :S

    On 91, every time I slow down for a corner from high-ish revs, it backfires like a motherf$*^er.

    Doesn't do it near as much on 95.
  18. It's not running lean?
  19. well the idea is the higher the RON the better it should burn. or maybe your bike has been tuned to use higher RON fuels
  20. It's not pure fuel that's left behind, it's the components of high octane fuel that aren't burnt that end up coating the plugs.