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What fuel tank for a cafe racer?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, May 2, 2008.

  1. Im trying to decide what tank to get my cafe racer project, an XS650, the xs750 has a nice longish square tank with the right lines, but not many of them around, the gsx250 from the 80s has a similar tank, http://gold.ap.teacup.com/2006/timg/middle_1128587050.jpg

    Seeing this is netrider, are there any other tanks out there that have similar lines and features?

  2. Fibreglass will decay and perish with modern fuel, sadly. Moto-Tumbi has some great stuff, but it looks like i'll get a fairing off the boys before i get a tank!

    I'm a big fan of the square RD3 looking tank, personally. There's also a bloke in NSW that will make a tank out of alloy from scratch for you if you like. He does amazing work. PM me if you want his number - he's not accepting any orders at the moment but might be worthwhile giving him a call.
  3. I have seen the work of moto tumbi, impresive stuff, but its all fibreglass, rd3? never heard of it, what sort of bike is that? been googling and cant find any thing.
  4. Sorry mate - TR3

    Race version of the RD350. That's where i get confused :)

    Not too cafe, but very cool.
  5. Noice! I doubt ill able to find those tanks for a reasonable price tough, its been quite challenging trying to find a fibreglass rear end and tank so far.
  6. Homebush fibreglass
  7. Sure you want a fibreglass tank?
  8. check out the TankShop. Will post URL in a sec (this is my 5th)

    There's an XS under the "other's" section.

    Some time ago i corresponded with these guys and they were very helpful. However, for bikes that the have never built a tank for they do need the frame or some very detailed diagrams. Seems they already have a pattern for the XS.

    Pretty expensive, but what cafe racer should be without one of these babies? :)
  9. Ah, sorry I should of meant metal tank, id like a fibreglass one, but its life might be short, I have looked at tankshop, quite impressed, but quite pricy, $700 for a nice tank :shock: ouch!
  10. To those that know about these thing, do Kevlar tanks suffer from fuel induced degradation like the Fibreglass ones? My understanding is that kevlar isn't that much more expensive these days.

    Most "modern" tanks are sculptured around the side panels or the seat in some way. So they don't look that good on a different bike.

    Did you look at the xs 500 tanks? I think there are at least 2 different tanks but one is very cafe racer. maybe be similar with the xs400.
  11. Check out homebuilt aircraft sites on the web. Lots of folk building fibreglass (or, at least composite) tanks to hold all sorts of fuel brews (avgas, gasohol, petrol etc) and using 'em with no problems. Boats too.

    Nothing wrong with a composite tank if built to appropriate thickness with the right materials.
  12. Well im still trying to decide if I should go fibreglass or just go with an xs750 tank which has a nice shape, I contacted moto tumbi and the price for a tank is $500+ and a 3+ month wait! :(
  13. Ibast, I haven't heard anything about the Kevlar tanks.

    But the fibreglass ones do not last with modern fuels.

    Buyer beware!