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What Fuel For My Kawasaki Ninja 250 - 2008 ??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wonderboy4, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I've been getting a few different opinions around the place in regards to which fuel is best. Some are saying it doesn't really matter, some say stay away from ethonol and others are recomending a lower octane (91 or 95) for a bike with carbies (like mine).

    Just not sure what is best for my bike and would really like to hear the opinion of those who have some experience, specifically with my bike.


  2. I've always run my Ninja 250R on standard unleaded (91 Octane). 20,000km's and she's fine.
  3. Thanks evader, and the fact that it's the cheaper option is always a bonus : )
  4. but 91 blended with ethonal, is it sill good? kawasaki australia is strongly against the use of e10 in their bikes
  5. Hell no. Stay away from ethanol blends with anything that's running carbs.

    I'd also be wary of using it in a FI bike if it goes against the manufacturer's recommendations.
  6. If your machine is not designed for ethanol (and most older machines aren't) then there could be issues with the ethanol dissolving rubbery bits (such as carb diaphragms). That said it will probably only happen over a longinsh while and a standard remedy for water in fuel/fuel tank is either running a tank of E10 or adding a part cup ( quarter, half - recipes vary) of metho to your tank.

    If the bike is designed to run on it, there should be no problemexcept perhaps to your wallet. It gets less milage as it has a lower calorific value than petrol and I don't believe the lower price makes up for this.

    If the manafacturer says no ethanol I would go with that. Their no ethanol policy may just be them being super cautious. On the other hand they may no something.

    I also remain to be convinced about the greenhouse gas benefits. Making methanol makes a lot of CO2 but maybe it's neutral since growing whatever they make it from might absorb the same amount.

    An engine will get no benefit running higher octane fuel than it is meant to although some of the higher octane fuels also contain detergents which may help keep carbies and valves clean, which could keep performance form diminishing.

    At the end of the day I would go with the manafcturer's recommendation.
  7. Thanks GreyBM, for the detailed advice in your post. I would have to agree with you there and as such have been running my bike in non-ethenol (95 Octane) for some time now and have not had any issues so far.

    Though my old car is on a strict diet of ethenol-mix fule as price is all that matters when it comes to her! and funnily enough she seems to run worse on the better fules :shock: (she's always been temperamental)
  8. Avgas
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  9. Wimp, nitro methane; is where its at.......

    On a serious note, the stock 250R does run a little lean under 6000rpm then goes rich thereafter; so if your experiencing pinging on light load; then I would avoid 91 and be looking at 95+.
  10. Surly not in the 250r.
    To get the best from nitro methane you need a true beast. A yamaha R125 should do the trick!
  11. Fixed.

  12. Wow, two fat wheels on that weed eater and you could beat the leading motoGP riders around PI!
    Where can I get one?
  13. I run mine (2011) on '95, and it runs fine. Only reason I don't put the 91 in it is because its pretty difficult to get it in QLD without ethanol in it. Which shouldn't really be a problem, provided you don't leave it to sit for too long.

    I once put just enough '98 in it as I didn't have a choice, it ran pretty rough :p