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What fuel economy do you get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Night_Stalker, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Hey all

    As a new Rider, I've just gotten through my first tank of petrol on the bike and it got me wondering what kind of fuel efficiency I got on the bike (30km/l) of petrol. Especially with the rise in petrol prices and such this kind of thing helps me budget.

    Of course I got to thinking what kind of fuel efficiency the people here get.

    So, as the topic states, what kind of fuel efficiency do you guys get on your bikes?

  2. If you are saying 30km/l from GPX250, you are dreaming. 21km/l combined highway and city average would be reasonable.
  3. Well, it's a 1989 GPX250 that's had a lot of work (no idea how much that matters)

    The bowser said 11 litres was put in and I did 303km from a full tank down to that... So I assumed...

    Something wrong with my calcs there? (yes, I know it's 27... I rounded up to 30 which in retrospect I shoulda just posted 27)
  4. i get pretty mediocre fuel efficiency despite fuel injection (engine is still running in) but who cares! on the bike i'm paying for fun juice, in a car it would be boring getting from A to B in a frustratingly slow manor juice.

    i don't think the way i ride lends itself to getting the most kilometres to the litre, fuel will have to hit $3 a litre before that happens.. until then..

    :biker: stuff efficiency. :grin:
  5. haha, you might be right there, it's just something I wanted to know....

    I mean, everyone says they're more efficient but I just didn't know how much more efficient they'd be.

    But you're right, ride for fun and nothing else :D
  6. That fuel consumption seems pretty good - of course you might find it goes up once you get used to the bike and start using the throttle a little bit more. Worth remembering though that fuel consumption figures are only going to be as accurate as your speedo. Even at just 10% over (still within ADRs) it would still change your consumption figure from 27 to 24km/L. Of course it could be out the other way too so it might really be 30km/l after all.
  7. I suppose that's true enough...

    I know a similar thing happened in my car (fuel economy went down when I became more confident).

    Ah well, it happens.
  8. I get about 4 litres per 100 km out of my VTR, so about 25 km per litre. :)
  9. Efficient? Fuel? VTR1000? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    170km before the "im thirsty" light comes on out of 16 litres
  10. I think there's a link between that and the 2000kms you get per rear tyre :p

    As for fuel efficiency and getting used to your bike etc, as you learn to keep the revs higher and stay in the power then your efficiency will probably drop. But even 22-24km/l (which I still get) is better than most cars I can think of.
  11. I get around 180km and then the red light goes on. I can probably do another 30-40km on reserve but I've never tried.

    This is while revving the tits off the thing.
  12. 200 :evil: and only 200.... I had tank bag, back pack and I filled up both times using BP premium so

    200/16.7 = 11km per L which is frigging crap for a 600. I need a power commander or tuneboy...
  13. I haven't worked it out exactly, but I always get a little more than 20kms/litre, with mostly city driving.
  14. I haven't had the GTR long, but I've gotten 400 kms out of it! The speedo does over read a bit, but all bikes do. 28 litre tank.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Don't know, don't care.....

    I get around 220 - 230 before I hit reserve, 180 -190 if I'm flogging it..... (small tank, 16 litres)
  16. 23.5 km/l or 4.24 l/100km for last 5000km with average speed 80-90 kph
  17. I got 449kms out of 13.2 litres of petrol on mt CB250.

    I'm light & don't ride it hard.
  18. Yep, I get similar results with my cb250. I just filled up my tank with even 200kms on the clock, and it took 6.7l, so it works out to around 3.4l/100kms, that's all in city traffic, lots of short trips and cold starts, conditions not very friendly to the engine or fuel consumption. I'm quite pleased, actually :)
  19. Filling up this morning - 14 litres for 210km

    that's 16.7 km/l or 6.25 l/100km.

    That includes thrashing it hard and city work
  20. On the ride i went on last sunday with the guys up to kinglake/healsville i got 308kms before switching to reserve (17 litre tank, hit reserve at 14 litres). And that was riding at a fairly quick pace all day, not bad for a 1200cc harley IMO....