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What fuel do you use?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by vil13, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. hello riders

    As the topic mentions "what fuel" do all you riders out there fill your machines with?

  2. Do a search, been answered heaps. For me, don't care, I have a bike tha will take pretty much anything that will internally combust :)
  3. My mate has a dyno and knows how to use it. We tried them all. The winner, for best power is Mobil synergy 8000
  4. the stuff from the pump at the servo, goes alright
  5. Ron from Balls HPT reckon's Mobil Synergy 8000 is the go, does a good job of cleaning carbs.
  6. And for best long term storage BP Premium 95 is the go as it's refined to it's 95 rating and not boosted to it by additives that degrade over a period of a couple of months.
  7. Due to premium fuel having a higher calorific value, does this mean the mixture will run a little bit richer compared to the weaker burning normal unleaded?
  8. I ran shell's 95octane offering (not V-Power) and the CB hated it. Backfiring and stalling. Literally added half a tank of BP ultimate and it cleared up immediately.
  9. Gotta add a bit more to previous post. BP ultimate I use in my Rally Car. It is really good too, but mobil 8000, or the best caltex, which is the same product, is the good stuff. The dyno tells no lies
  10. Nightgash, with all due respect mate, I dont think that you really know what you are talking about.
  11. G'day everyone,......

    I used to run BP premium (95 octane) in my CB250 and it ran great!!
    Ran me up the pentland hills every day for a year and still ran like new when I gave it to my sister when she got her learners.

    On my Blade I run the BP 95 octane premium for my day to day running and on weekends and fun days I upgrade to 98 octane and let the ponys loose!!

    Dr Who?
  12. MVrog did you notice I ended the statement with a question mark? Did you notice it was a question?

    I actually found some info on this and it seems like I'm not the idiot you make me out to be


    Refer to Optimax and older bikes, Rich running and jetting :roll:
  13. shell unleaded 95 octane (they apparently increased the rating, at the same cost)

    BP gave pinging sound when bike is off, while shell only on specific occasion.
  14. Nightgash, I am not making you out to be an idiot. I dont do that shit here or anywhere else for that matter. I am not interested in getting into slanging matches on internet forums. I apologise if you feel offended, as that was not my intention.
  15. some people say that 250s should stick to normal unleaded coz premium runs too rich. i personally have only used BP premium on my 250 and does run kinda run with popping and sometimes backfires but at least its keeping the carbs clean right?
  16. I use whatever is the cheapest. What can I say I am a tightarse :grin:
  17. Run whatever your bike manufacturer's manual or handbook says to run. Usually it will say something like "RON91 or higher" meaning that RON91 is fine and that running anything higher is probably a waste of money.