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What fuel are you all using?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by jigme, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I'm playing the fuel game here.

    Which, in your experience is the superior fuel?

    Obviously it'll be coming down to Vortex 98 and BP Ultimate but wanna get some peoples opinion on the 'best' scooter fuel.

    Let fly
  2. do a search in the search function
    look up optimax
    ultimate and vortex
    look up premium unleaded etc.
    this has been done to death in here.
  3. In WA both fuels are going to be coming out of the Kwinana refinery anyway though there may be some differences in the "ingredients". Unless you're engines specifically designed for 98 octane fuel you probably won't notice any difference over normal 95 octane premium.
  4. hehe No worries. Will do.
  5. wicked. Thanks dude.
  6. I am actually quite tempted to stick some 10% ethanol fuel into my scooter instead of the 98RON fuel that I currently use.

    any experience or opinions guys???
  7. I don't know where or what they do with the fuels here in w.a. But I do know that gull fuels are inferior to BP/Shell.

    The reason I know why this is, is from my experiences with my modified sigma 2.6. With standard ulp from Gull, the engine pings from the lower octane crap Gull peddles. If I have to fill up from Gull, I have to add octane boost. However my car runs perfectly on BP/Shell standard ulp.
    This is also with my brother in laws HG 350 monaro. (he is the vice pres of the monaro club wa). He and other members of the club all have problems with gull fuel. His 350 chev runs off BP ultimat 98, but needs octane boost with Gull's Vortex.
    This is also backed up with Tim Slako's own opinion who owns West racing, a well respected engine modifier, who works on my sigma and identified my sigma's pinging problem as "gull crap".
  8. I've noticed a bit of a difference with various fuels in my Spacy.

    Regular ULP (any brand) = runs OK, if a little sluggish.
    Caltex Vortex = has noticeably more power than ULP, but runs rougher.
    BP Ultimate = doesn't feel any more powerful than Vortex, but it's a hell of a lot smoother.

    So, now I'm an Ultimate convert. I figure that the extra $0.50 per week over the price of ULP in exchange for more power and a nicer overall feel is worthwhile.
  9. Why would you be trying to run a car originally designed for 98 octane leaded super on 91 octane unleaded? Suggests to me that BP must produce their standard unleaded with a slightly higher octane rating than the required minimum of 91. Ideally you should be running on Premium or higher, if your car can run on standard unleaded then clearly it's not modified enough :p .
  10. Premium's only better for high compression engines anyway. Run standard, drop the odd tank of premium through if you must.
  11. OKAY OKAY, who's fueling around with TWO posts on the same subject??? :LOL:
  12. A little known fact about sigma's is that the last model, the GN, was made in 1986 and according to aust design regs, had to run on unleaded, so mitsubishi put the astron 2 ulp 2.6 engine from the then new magna, into the final sigma.
    My sigma, is a 1986 GN, so it is factory unleaded. During the engine rebuild, the compression ratio was raised slightly. Factory comp is 8.8:1 with this engine, it was raised to 9.0 ( I think) so it would run of standard octane 91 pump ulp, which it does, provided that it is from Shell/BP.
  13. dont increase the compression on a sigma!!!

    decrease and turbo! any pics of ya car?

    www.cardomain.com/id/mr_sikma (my 2.6t sikma)
  14. Turbo all you want, they're still a terrible car to drive. And yes I have owned one - a 2.6L GJ, even changing the suspension didn't help the poor handling (though to be fair that's only compared to the Alfa Romeo I replaced it with).
  15. mines lowered 3" all round with sports shocks, wider tyres and low profile and it handles pretty well!
  16. Trust me, there's plenty of cars out there that handle much, much better. The biggest problem with the Sigma was that damned recirculating ball steering which gives you very little feel compared to a good rack-and-pinion setup - least its RWD though.
  17. i am sure there is, but nothing a good set of aftermarket stuff wont fix!
  18. Give up JD, we got ya out numbered! :)

    Though I have to admit, stock sigma's are pretty terrible at handling.
    But the aftermarket stuff really helps. I can punt my sigma around corners and it just sits nice and flat. If you stick the boot in, the tail hangs out for ya and smokes the back yokies. Yeah, just the way a real wheel drive should!

    Did you do any aftermarket suspension changes to your gj you had jd?

    Like the sikma dude! where you a member of that internet sigma car club, sigma lovers or whatever it was called?

    Pictures of my sigma? Yeah sure!

    Im looking to get the magna fuel injection fitted next, but the problem is that being in W.A. there is nobody here that has done this conversion before (that isn't a bunch of Really Pathetic W**kers)