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What fuel and oil do you use?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Eospro, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. With the low running cost of a scoot, how many people use premium fuel and good oil, eg mobil 1. It should make a difference to the life of the engine, one would expect, even if the fuel savings are minimal.

  2. I'm running a fuel injected 4 stroke and I stick with the recommended ordinary unleaded, but I'm not fussed. The manual says 87 'pump' (USA), 91 octane or better, so I don't see that premium can have any impact on the life of the scoot.

    At the 3000k mark I intend to change both engine and final drive to synthetic oil, as I think that will make a difference to the long term life. Very hard to prove, but agree that the cost difference on scoots is trivial, so why not.
  3. 99% of the time i run premium. when i bought my first scoot brand new i loged the type of fuel, amount of fuel, amount of klms and price. and it added up to be slightly better off to use premium. that was not taking into acount engine wear.
    i would get enough extra k's per litre to cover the extra cost of the premium fuel. i also always used castrol semi synthetic in my bollwell shark. and now i use only fully synthetic in my gilera runner as that is what the manefacter suggests.
  4. Got my 600 scoot new and had normal factory oil for the first 1,600 Kms, of course. Synthetic oil at first service and will stick with it. PULP 95 or 98 oct used even though Honda suggests regular ULP.
    Same goes for the Hog scoot, factory oil from new and @ first service synth - PULP used at all times.
  5. Spacy: BP Ultimate 98RON and Castrol GTX3.
    Hyosung: BP Ultimate 98RON and Motul Scooter Expert 2T (basically the same as Motul 510 semi-synth).

    Once I rebuild the Spacy's engine, I might go to a synthetic or semi-synth.
  6. '96 Honda Bali EX

    I use premium or regular unleaded. Haven't really noticed a difference between the 2.

    I use Motul 2 stroke motor oil but I ran out of this the other day and the little red light was blinking so I used a little "premium" 2 stroke lawn mower oil. Not too much difference but I wouldn't recommend anyone else doing this unless you have no option.
  7. I've put all three octane levels in m TGB 303RS 150 and there is a small difference in performance and economy.
  8. You wouldn't expect to see any amazing results short term, but using the good stuff you would expect your engine to be in better condition after 20-30K, if you even had your scoot after that long.
  9. My Aprilia Sportcity 200 takes any fuel 95RON or better - so premium unleaded. It's also fine on ethanol blends (yes, I checked with Aprilia first!).
  10. I have heard rumors that extendard use of fuels that contain Ethonol can affect the rubber of fuel lines and seals causing all kinds of problems to your motor, not worth it to save a few cents. Can anyone verify this?
  11. As I said, I checked with Aprilia before I started using ethanol blend, & they confirmed that it won't do any damage, as long as it's 95RON & no more than 10% ethanol.
    I have that in writing!