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What fu&$en drugs is this bloke on

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Fair dinkum

  2. He is..... erm... Quite keen!
  3. Jakshimash!!
  4. ... fairly good ones, I'd say.
  5. Reminds me of Noddy on the Hardley at Jindabyne, Netrider run,
  6. WTF ha ha but seriously... how do you get off on the right hand side of a bike ????
    I feel totally weird just pushing one from the right.
  7. being that friggin high mate u can do anything
  8. faaaaark thats my next door wanker

    seriously except he does that on his 1600cc yamaha water pump LOL

    LO****ingL hahahaha seriously
  9. I would have LOVED to have seen him accidentally slip the bike into gear during his 'beastiality' session !
    Poor engine !
  10. A quiet note of warning. I'd stay away from people like that, because it may be contagious. I haven't been to a bike rally or a race meeting that you camp at for quite a few years, but when I did, some c0ckhead would always feel the need to do that at 3.30 am, and a few minutes later a different one would start up, and so on... At least back then one had the satisfaction of knowing that many points equipped bikes could be counted on to make a loud and satisfying hand grenade noise if you did that to them...

    Knickers, what is the larger toy on your current avatar? Is that a tornado? It looks a bit F104, but it's about twice the size...
  11. OI, he was HAWT!...but he knew it and that took some of the shin away, well that and the whole bobble head thing. teehee
  12. What kind of damage could you do to an engine by doing that?
  13. At the risk of jumping into Knicker's grave - if the engine is warm, has enough of the right oil in it, and is in a generally good state of repair and maintenance, it probably won't do any harm at all. However, the blokes who do stuff like this, usually do it from stone cold. They don't know when the bike was last serviced because they've only had it six months and haven't got around to that yet. They'd check the oil level but they need someone to hold the bike straight for them to look ... if they know that much...

    There's no telling what you might break doing this to a cold engine. You can hydraulic lock the lube system and crack / split the cases because the oil pressure relief valve can't cope with the pressure cold thick oil can reach at cut-out. You can spin big end bearings because their clearances are all out, because they're not at operating temp yet. You can wreck your cams and buckets because they're all cold and clearances are wrong. You might drop or break a cam chain. You might smash the oil pump drive, and then everything else shortly afterwards. Or you may just cause ten years worth of wear in ten seconds because none of the tolerances or clearances are right. You could pop a head gasket, or the rubber O-ring on your oil filter...

    Or you could just get something heavy thrown at you for waking up the whole damn camp.
  14. why am i not surprised that the bike was a gsx-r...
  15. ice or speed probably.

    As for getting on and off on the right side, I do that all the time - limited parking space on the garage, so it's parked next to the left wall.
  16. Kneedragon,
    I'd say you answered Devochka's question far more adequately than I had intended or for that matter, ever could (y)

    The aircraft in my avatar is indeed the legendary F-104 Starfighter - a high performance interceptor designed/built by Lockheed.

    Without digressing from the OP, here's another angle :

    The wing's leading-edges were so thin (0.016 in/0.41 mm) and sharp that they presented a hazard to ground crews !
  17. it is an art, apparently...

  18. I would have laughed if the engine went POP....