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what four wheeled friend/enemy do you drive?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mox, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Please forgive me if this has been done before... as i'm new :)

    but I'm interested in knowing what bike riders out there drive of the four wheeled variety...

    if its been done... can you post a link to the thread? pwease

  2. cars are for softcocks...unless its towing a bike trailer.
  3. Please use the search if you believe it has been done before, strange how on your second post to these forums you ask this sort of question.
    pleas aquaint yourself to the terms and conditions of posting here and be welcome.
  4. ahh come on - gees give me a break!! thanks for making me feel welcome.

    "Off Topic Stuff A place to discuss topics that are unrelated to bikes or riding"
  5. How many fukn threads on cbr250's what's the best bike for me etc etc do you want?

    Oh and for the record I think it's left glove first.
  6. What is the policy of using search vs necroing old posts?

    Both seem to be discouraged, so if you want to discuss an issue that has been covered what do you do?
  7. good question. =D>

    anyway, I own a hotted up and lowered civic (I cut the springs myself, not going to let some mechanic screw it up), for work it varies between an ss ute and a plain white tradies van depending on how early I get there, and on weekends I drive a taxi.
  8. It's only necroing if you just bump a post without reading it in it's entirety to find an answer to a question you may have. You need to add something to a thread in order to bring up an old one.
  9. #11 smee, Apr 4, 2010
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    Actually you posted it into general discussion I moved it to off topic so you're welcome because usually we just move the post to holding.
    Secondly You did agree to do [URL="]this[/URL] when you signed up didn't you?

    Anyways lighten up old son we are just razzing you. :)
    It's not often we talk about that c word in here.
  10. Here comes the fun police. Good way to greet people....
    Nazi iron fist regulations anyone? Relax and chill out dude.
    These terms and conditions appear to be a golden book of comandments to you dont they.
    I think someone is taking their job as a mod far too seriously...
  11. Read the follow up post before you go on your usual rampage. It does get tiresome.
  12. #14 mox, Apr 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Thanks for moving it old mate, thanks for the little vid on Forum etiquette, sorry for mentioning the "c" word - I'll never mention it again...

    Oh yeah - I'm of the "old girl" variety too!!
  13. Ah my apologies old girl ;)