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What flavours do we like?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scornthorious, Jan 5, 2016.


Which is better in your mind.

Poll closed Jan 12, 2016.
  1. slow and showy (HD OR Victory)

  2. fast and racy (sports/hyper sports)

  3. comfort (standard cruiser or road king or goldwing)

  4. Tourer

  5. Muscle bike (anything bigger than 1300 and heavy as hell)

  6. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Let's see what preference peeps on here like.

  2. I voted "other". Adventure tourer. Four bikes I'd love to ride are the KTM 1190/1290 adventure, the Ducati multistrada (pikes peak version as well) the MV Augusto tourismo Veloce. And finally, for 100 mile an hour on the real off road stuff, the new Honda Africa twin.
  3. Voted 'sport' & 'other' for the naked bike. Aside from the fact that they're incredibly fun and rewarding to ride well, there's a part of me that appreciates the fact that someone sat in a windowless room for hours redesigning the valve stems to shave 10g off their mass. ;)
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  4. Voted Tourer and Other, my version of Other being small two stroke engined things that are real fun to ride.... like a drug crazed 16 year old.
  5. Not all hd s are slow
  6. Voted 'Comfort' for the 'standards' like my Bandit, not so much the Gold Wings and other behemoths, and Muscle Bike.

    Something like a 1400GTR seems to me to be right in the middle of the Venn diagram of comfort, muscle and tourer...
  7. Sport/other for streetfighter type nakeds(think MT09 or Monster).
  8. There's no ALL option so I've not voted.
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  9. You didn't have an option for "showy and goes like sh!t off a shovel" so I went for muscle bike.
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  10. Love the naked / streetfigher looks. Chose Sport and Other - but in all fairness there needs to be quite a few more choices.
  11. You need to add Naked bikes and also Adventure
  12. I didn't see an old and cheap option so I didn't vote. :whistle: I just like bikes that have something different, I also tend to like older style bikes. But I guess in reality I have a foot in 3 camps, cruisers, sports tourers and adventure. I would have one of each if money allowed :sneaky:
  13. And supernaked
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  14. What is supernaked?
  15. Miranda Kerr naked, in my bed. That would be super.
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  16. This 20151121_150158.
  17. Nah, that's wearing a bikini.
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  18. Aye, but whenever it has its first wee lie down, and the fairing is too expensive to replace or fix, then it becomes.....
    super naked.

    The older amongst us would also call it a street fighter.
  19. Naked/streetfighters. I would love a Triumph Street triple. Or an Aprilia Shiver. Or an MV Agusta Brutale....
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  20. I voted other as I like sports/tourers.