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What exhaust?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tmg, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Was reading old mates post about him getting dual akrapovics for his ZX10, and wondered if this brand of pipe/tip is the best choice for my ZX6?

    I want to open up the bottom end of the rev range on my bike a bit more and was wondering if just a pipe will help, or should I go a tip? What if I went a full pipe, K&N filter and PCIII?

    What are my options for getting a bit more oomph from the lower end of the rev range?

  2. wow that helps me so much...little elaboration please. :)
  3. You can try and get power curves from dyno's out of some suppliers but often its rather difficult. I spent ages trying to find dyno's on the net for my Bandit, slim pickin's I found
  4. Buy a 10! :p
  5. Problem with most pipes are that they free up power in the top of the rev range at the expense of bottom end. Probably your best bet is PCIII, and a dyno to have a play. Unfortunately, a 600 will never be a torque monster :)
  6. guess I just need to get used to having to give it a bit more throttle on the take off and settle on the fact that I am not going to kill it if I cruise around at about 6 grand in second or 5 grand in third. After all the engines in the super sport bikes are made to rev.

    Coming down from a 900 road bike didn't really help. That thing WAS a torque monster compared to this one. I am getting used to it, but the bike is sluggish below 4 grand compared to my old 900.