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what exhaust?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ujshaw, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. g'day i've got mysself a 1990 fzr250 and want to know what exhaust i can put onto it? any suggestions would be good

  2. .....

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  3. any one you want.

    you won't get much difference from a top of the line yoshi/akro to a el-cheapo one. just buy which ever one you like the most :)
  4. Lol!

    Looks like a frakking machine gun!
  5. Probably why it is labelled 'tail gunner'.

    Now - where do I get one?
  6. hey I'm having the same problem with my 2011 CBR 125, i saw some guys on youtube having the IXIL hyperlow exhaust, but don't really specify which one they're using? would anyone happen to know if it's safe to buy anyone and slip it on?
  7. sorry,by safe i mean that some people said they bought for example a hyperlow exhause thats meant for a 600 hornet. Yet they installed it on a 2011 cbr 125. Hope that makes sense...

  8. Hmm....I can't say for sure but I seriously doubt that would be a standard "plug and play" slip-on install.

    Bigger bikes will obviously push more air (IE bigger displacement) therefore a slip-on for a bigger bike will be designed to allow more air to pass through.....

    If a slip-on for a bigger bike were put on a smaller bike which pushes less air then you will have minimal exhaust compression in the system which may choke down power and make the bike run lean......

    Again - I don't know any of this for sure.....just speculating
  9. When i was selling exhausts, the same muffler was used on everything with a different tailpipe or header/s to suit each particular model.
    A gsx400 ran the same muffler as an 1100, in the singles, a 125 muffler was the same as a 500.
    Current gear may be different, but I doubt it until you get into high end stuff.
    2 stroke power pipes were reputedly built specifically for each bike..
    4 strokes, not so much.