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what exhaust for an 07 r6?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by christian1441, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,im new to this forum and ive just purchased an 07 red and white r6 a couple of weeks ago and im looking at putting a new exhaust on it,whether it be just a slip on or a full exhaust im not quite sure yet. I ve been looking around and im still not quite sure what would be the best exhaust to fit to it and why? if anyone could possibly give me an insight as to what they would think would be the best and the reasons why it would be greatly appreciated :wink:

    christian :)

  2. Hey there, great bike you have got yourself..

    There are many options available as you well know. Personally i feel a full system is going overboard, but it will give you the best result of the 2. A good set of slip ons will give you some added performance and a nice sound.

    Have you spoken to the dealer about what they think is best ?? That is always a good first option.

    If you have done that then i would be looking at the Micron GP pipes. If they do one for your bike, it would look awesome.

    Also take in to consideration your air filter and the PC111. These 3 combined will give you the perfect performance set up.

    If you want some real good advice have a chat to the guys at Dynoverks in Boronia, they know there stuff..
  3. thanks heaps for the reply,i havent done much looking into the micron pipes,buts thats what im about to do. I think ill also give those guys a call at dynoverks aswell.

  4. Good luck with your search.. :grin: Let me know how you go..
  5. Yoshimura and Akrapovic also have mad sounding pipes for the r6 :D
  6. Something titanium, with a little twist, would look hot
  7. i think ill probably go for something in a yoshimura trc slip on,but im not quite sure whether to get something in carbon,titanium or stainless,price doesnt really matter
  8. CArbon look great but dont last as long.. The carbon dont like the weather and heat.. Go the titanium in my opinion.. But thats only my opinion so you choose what you like .. :grin:
  9. Yeah if you have the $ to burn 2. :?
  10. will this fit on the '07?

  11. yeah that will fit,but im still not sure whether i like the look or not though,what does every1 else reckon?
  12. meh...I'm not a fan of the 'double-stubbies' (or is that 'stubbie-doubles')...
  13. Here you go, take a look at this.. Micron pipe i mentioned.. :twisted:

  14. Hmmm, titanium is more or less the same price as CF.. Besides whats money, cant take it with you.. :grin:
  15. the titanium is actually less than the carbon fibre,and i think it probably looks better in the long run
  16. Yep as i thought, CF is dearer.. So what do you think of that micron in the pic ??
  17. I have an 06 r6 with the micron gp pipe on it . I think it looks good and sounds ok . As for performance I am not sure if it has improved it or not. I have been talking to my mechanic and he thinks that for performance you cant go past a full system.
  18. im still undecided as to whether i like the look of the micron pipe
  19. has anyone ever had much to do with leo vince pipes or slip ons? im now looking into a titanium one of those for the r6,mainly because of the sound they make
  20. Yeah, I've got one just like that on my 750 (pics in my profile). Looks owesome. Sounds the part too. It's actually dual sound. You can remove the bufflers and you won't hear yourself think :LOL: . I keep them on (for now). They are pretty expensive though. about 30% more than Yoshi. At least. I had mine installed by the dealer so got a nice deal all together. Looks even better on the R6. I wanted something different. Every one has the bloody Yoshi. :cool: