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What exactly is freight & delivery cost?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by akin, May 21, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am shopping for a new scooter. I found out that the breakdown of ORC has freight and delivery cost -around $300 -. Can anyone tell me if this is a compulsary cost or not? Do I have to pay for it even if I pick-up the scooter from the dealer?


  2. IMHO it's a crock of shit and should just be part of the 'cost' of the bike.

    Freight is from the importer/wharehouse to the dealer.
    Delivery can include, checking the bike when it's off loaded, installing a battery, checking the fluids, cleaning, assembley (if it is delivered in a crate), etc, etc.

    and YES you have to pay it if you want the bike.

    Oops Scoot.
  3. That usually means freight and delivery costs to the dealer from the docks, or warehouse. The factory prices will be F.O.B which means 'Free On Board' and is only good until it clears customs, then its up to the dealer or manufacturer to shift it from there. Yes you have to pay it, and no most of it can't be made part of the bike cost, because some of the government import/Customs charges are GST exempt. I don't see why the PDI part can't be though.
  4. Its a crock all right and most dealers will tell you its about the only money they make on a sale :( It's obviously not. They stick it in with the ORC to make it look like you must pay it like stamps and reg etc. Thats why it's a crock.
    It's a fee that you will have to pay (negotiable!) for the dealer to prep the bike for you. It should be in the purchase price but never seems to be unless you do a "ride/drive away deal".
  5. I agree, it is a bit cheeky not to include this in the actual cost of the scooter.

    Thanks a lot; helps a bit to know that everyone pays it :)



  6. Some of it can't be made part of the bike cost because some of the import/Customs charges are GST exempt, and it would be illegal for the dealer to charge GST on that amount. I don't see why the 'Pre Delivery Inspection' part can't be included though.
  7. But surely the cost of the bike IS the cost of the bike. A breakdown in the invoice can sho what the GST has been paid on. GST does not have to be paid on the total.

    Thrash out a ride away deal whenever you can.
  8. Thats exactly what it does, thats why it's not included, so it can be broken down. And yes, thrash out a ride away deal by all means, but you will still find it itemized in the invoice unless the dealer just absorbs it completely. it's one or the other, shown separately, or simply not charged at all.