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What every owner of a plastic 250 wishes they had...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trevor G, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sheer, raw, naked style.

    Yum. The '99 VTR250.

  2. Actually I wish I had more time, and the motivation to clean it :(
    Looks like shit covered in dust :mad:
  3. It looks like something out of Starwars
  4. Wow thats a very well looked after bike!
  5. wish i had a 250

  6. Damn straight.... I'll just have to settle for a camera with a flash or alternatively a room with lights... :p
  7. Hey Trev,

    Wrong forum perhaps? :LOL: :wink:

    SUPER clean though!!
  8. This is one clean engine for sure.

    ... and yet I would much rather have an old banged-up plastic 250 covered in dirt and rust and bugs - just as long as it's an i4 :p

    I better run for cover now... :bolt:

  9. '99 :shock: man that's clean. Nice one Trev
  10. ok, another newbie question - how DO you keep an engine that clean? Do you merely service it regularly, and get them to clean it then or do you use soap and water?

  11. You missed a bit.


    Just trying to help.
  12. Thanks.

    I just gave it a really quick wipeover and it is slightly better, though I now appear to have a slightly bent frame...


    All the best

  13. I am just a misunderstood youth...

    You have all been so kind, but to prevent this thread from disappearing under the Terms & Conditions for Netrider Posting (inappropriate content) I need to point out:

    1) The sub-heading or comments under the pic in the original post present the sub-theme, based around the concept that the VTR250 exhibits such amazing style that even an old, frequently used one, draws gasps of amazement from onlookers;

    2) As usual, I was being rude towards owners of faired (and hence the reference to "plastic") 250s, where whatever engineering marvels that might lurk underneath are seldom visible to the general populace, except when:

    a) the bike is being repaired or serviced or whatever, and copious items need to be removed just to access the oil drain plug

    b) the bike has slid along the road and copious plastic pieces of "style" are now littering the asphalt.

    3) The photo "shoot" was a spur-of-the-moment thing with a good cam that sometimes makes me look good. In this instance it made the bike look good. ;-)

    I was just trying to get some pixels to help someone service a VTR, and then this had to happen. :-(

    4) Sometimes things we take for granted and are overlooked each day - like the neat, geometrical form of a japanese 250 - stand out because we lose the distracting background.

    Is there something about your bike's design, some aspect of style, even those plastic bits that fall off, which really make it for you??


  14. Re: I am just a misunderstood youth...

    Yes. But being a Katana it's easier to list the bits that don't look good:


  15. Psst - for a moment or two, let's pretend this is the

    Maintenance forum...

    You can keep a bike clean by:

    1) Not riding in the rain

    2) Not riding on the dirt (or gravel roads)

    3) Not riding or storing it in or near a coastal location or a major city.

    4) Using a spray-on degreaser/cleaner after you get it dirty, spraying in nooks and crannies, wiping down the exhaust pipe to remove the baked on "yuk" and then hosing off. Unless you have water restrictions.

    I'm lucky, I observe points 1-3.

    Not sure whether it is just the salt air or other corrosive components of big city life, but that frequently causes erosion of the protective lacquer that the J manufacturers like to use on engine cases, especially.

    Coupled with road grime which is left "on", the average city bike I have seen, even for sale in bike shops, is often well below par in presentation.

    In other words, it takes muscle and rubbing power.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  16. How long did it take to lick it that clean???
  17. Re: Psst - for a moment or two, let's pretend this is the

    Wow... :shock:

    I'd fail at #1 at some point, I've already broken rule number 2, and number 3 is an impossibility since I live in Neutral Bay. Although maybe with number four I could bring Peaches to a car wash and get her cleaned there or something.

    But at least I know it's achievable to get a 9 year old bike that clean... geez you're putting mine to shame.
  18. Nice bike but I'd rather my CBR any day of the week. :cool:
  19. Re: Psst - for a moment or two, let's pretend this is the

    3 buck can of degreaser from an Auto store and a hose will get most bike engines looking pretty clean. A regular spraying with CRC/WD40 can help keep it that way.
  20. Re: Psst - for a moment or two, let's pretend this is the

    Wiiiiiiiiildly offtopic for a moment...

    The sad thing is the number of rugged adventure-touring and dualsport bike for-sale adverts that read like the above.

    "Never been in the rain. Only time on grass was for these photos."

    Seems a shame. :)