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What ever happened to Swine Flu ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I thought it was going to kill us all.
    It's funny how swine flu went away about the same time the economy started to improve............

  2. We were all killed by it. A sad combination of SARS, Bird Flu, and Swine Flu that finally spelled the end for spam kind.

    Oh... yeah... by the way... WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?

  3. Everybody realised it was just this years flu (Just evolves each year), but with a better marketing pitch.

    Wasn't even traced back to pigs anyway.
  4. exactly..i'm looking forward to next years killer disease.. :grin:
  5. it got swine flu and killed itself
  6. the media in general have ADHD, they've found something else to rabble on about
  7. i thinks its all the rage in europe at the moment.
  8. swine flu was replaced with HENDRA.. in qld anyway.
  9. True !! . . . make that the northern hemisphere !
    I've just left Korea, face masks are the go there its hillarious. You see young Koreans with their hip fashion trends (you know, all that ginza wacky look) wearing face masks . . . you'd swear they are all playing Michael Jackson dress-ups !

    Just landed in the UK, its not as bad, but warnings are around.
  10. Rock, paper, scissors.

    Utegate cured Swine Flu.
  11. I have it, and I'm keeping it from getting to the rest of you lot.

    Actually, I might, since I have had a bad cough, congestion and so on for about four weeks now. I got over it for a while last week, and now it is back with a vengence. Pigs must hate losing!
  12. WHAT??!! Why arent you in level 1 containment?? :LOL:

    This thread needs more thinking of the children!
  13. I had it and was faarrrkkkked for about 6 weeks. But having said that, that's what the annual flu does to people. By the time I got it they weren't even testing for it or containing it or anything.

    In fact the doctors themselves were sensibly underwhelmed by the whole thing.
  14. It's nice when one lives in the region wherein most of this crap originates from !
    Makes me wonder what goes on 'behind the scenes' in Mainland (rural) China.... funny farm and all sorts of other sh*t !!!
    Okay, so someone slept with a bird - fine ! But with a pig ? Amazing what results some local home brew can achieve !
  15. I was a bit disappointed with Swine Flu actually......

    I was hoping for Monty Pythonesque scenes in our streets.

    "Bring out your dead!" :LOL:

    We weren't too worried about it in our house, my husband is on immunosuppressive medication after a kidney transplant and his specialist said there weren't any extra measures to take re swine flu as opposed to the ones we already do.

    Wonder what the next "Pandemic" will be?
  16. Hope there's nothing too interesting to evolve in future, fifi1980.
    I was here in Hong Kong during SARS, Bird Flu and recently Swine Flu....
    I'd hate to think what would be next, but what I find amazing is how these 'pandemics' arise every 2-3yrs...a conspiracy, perhaps ?
    One never knows !
    I can certainly vouch for the attention (or lack thereof) during the first 2 - Hong Kong was VERY unprepared, and apathetic about the whole thing. Then, come Swine Flu, WHO's influence made HKG 'overreact'...they really did blow it out of proportion. One thing they neglect daily, is the Pollution levels that are present here..but that is another story..and I'm outta here come Feb next year.... so happy camper in the making :)
  17. Swine flu settled down, because I told it to.
    Much like I told the tsunami to fcuk off, when it was threatening us. I have you all covered.
  18. Stubble-power???? :LOL: